*WARNING* This Review Contains Spoilers For WandaVision Episode 8

Vision and Wanda wouldn’t want you to be sad, so watch episode eight before you read it.

Heartbreaking. That’s the one word that can describe this episode of WandaVision. I can already guess what people are going to say. “But this episode had no action!”. It didn’t, but what it did do, is give us the deepest look we’ve seen into the pain and sorrow that a Marvel character has ever seen. We got a deep dive into just how Wanda’s powers exploded through sorrow. Agatha brought out the deepest memories from inside Wanda’s head. This isn’t the only heartbreaking story though. That of Westview and it’s residents is also horrifying.

Finally, we got the first use of the name Scarlet Witch. What does that mean going forward for the MCU? This writer does not know. Agatha seems to know more than we do about the powers of Wanda and how they came about. Her dialogue about how the Infinity Stone simply unlocked powers that she already had, leans towards Wanda always having powers. Of course that brings us deeper down the hole of just what we really know about this whole thing.

This is the episode that makes the character of Wanda however. Elizabeth Olsen deserves whatever accolades she’s going to get from this show. The post-credits scene showed off the more terrifying thought of what Director Hayward is doing with Vision.

An Evil Vision?

It would certainly break my heart to see Paul Bettany portray this evil version of Vision. But who knows what the last episode holds for us. I’ve used that phrase a lot over the course of the eight episodes. What is next? What does the future hold? WandaVision has done a tremendous job of not only keeping the audience guessing, but holding their attention. An episode like this would normally not work as well as this did. I mean, we didn’t see any of the other principal characters throughout it. It was all about Wanda, and that’s kind of what this show is.

It’s all about Wanda.

This is all careening toward something huge. That’s at least what we’re hoping. I have a feeling that people might be disappointed by this. This is the first Marvel property that we’re all watching in over a year. So the hype is real. But let’s keep our expectations in check. This show is a stepping stone to greater things throughout Phase 4 of the MCU. It’s not the ending, it’s a new beginning.

Whatever Happens, This Episode Was Great

This wasn’t my favorite episode of the series, but it did the most to flesh out Wanda as a character. The audience can feel from Elizabeth Olsen’s performance and the writing of the whole show just what she’s gone through. It was a masterfully acted episode with Kathryn Hahn being devilishly evil as Agatha as well. Her poking, prodding, and eventual scheme to get the information out of Wanda looks like it’s building to something big. After all, Wanda is The Scarlet Witch.

The sitcom frame to the entire series made perfect sense after this episode. It was also the first episode focused on Wanda that didn’t have the sitcom framing. We’re gone through the decades and gotten here. So here’s to hoping the last episode is just as fantastic as the rest of the series.

Tortured souls are often the most vulnerable and the most powerful. Wanda is no exception. How that torture plays out is just another question that WandaVision is going to have to answer next week.

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