After last week’s very visceral episode of Snowpiercer we start off on Big Alice. Narration courtesy of Josie. This time going through the motions to get help for her frostbite all the while spying on the Doctor’s Headwood. Reporting back to Layton by using Pike’s smuggling operation as her cover.

A Man And HIS Book Club

Yes, Wilford started a book club! I wouldn’t call it much of a book club as it’s more to stroke his ego like everything else on Big Alice. The book club is currently reading Rebecca. A very twisted story about love, loss, betrayal, and murder. I would assume Wilford is taking what he wanted to read out of the book about the rich Millionaire and the object of his affection, his first wife.

Since the last episode, he has been playing Miss Audrey’s albums on repeat! He is enamored by her charms and his holding steadfast to his idea of Miss Audrey before the freeze. Much like the Husband of the story, they are reading. As the debate goes on in the salon. Sykes pulls Wilford away to mention that “our friend uptrain” lit a lantern and the plans are, go. With that news, Wilford has a prepared an invitation for Miss Audrey to join him tonight for dinner.

Le Saboteur Du Femme

Layton meets with Audrey up in the front of the train with the engineers. He askes Audrey if she is ready for her role and mission to open the com lines from Wilford’s car to the head of Snowpiercer. Apparently in the rush to fit Big Alice the coms had a fatal flaw. Wilford wouldn’t even know that they can hear if his mic was on if rewired properly.

But that’s not all like I said Sophie has been dribbling information back to Snowpiercer. During one of her MANY skin grafting sessions, Josie hears “the plan” is happening tonight. In her sense of urgency to notify Layton, Josies suffers a panic attack. She hears a voice tell her to focus on something. We haven’t heard this voice yet, or have we? It’s no other than Icy Bob, who apparently is reading the book club book too. HE SPEAKS! Our once thought brute tells Josie to externalize the pain and not internalize it as it will paralyze her. This caught me by surprise, to say the least! He’s not a mindless brute possibly he’s akin to Frankenstein’s Monster. But then who is the Monster on the train?

A Morning Meeting

Back in Layton’s car a morning meeting with the heads of Engineering, Hospitality, the Brakemen, and late to the party Train Detective. Going over plans of a possible attack from the outside. Roche and Till stay back as Layton downloads them the fact that Josie is the informant over on Big Alice. Bess goes off about the unrest on the train since the attack 2 weeks ago. Roche and Layton both agree that Bess needs to take a day off and relax.

Ruth is upset that she wasn’t privy to the fact that “Audrey is spying.” Obviously, she’s partially right. Zarah is also thrown in a trial by fire or morning sickness into taking control of the announcements.

Supply Lines and Control

With the iconic song “Because I got High” by Afro Man, playing in the background you see pike divvying up his stash for sale. Well, that came to a quick end as he gets whacked in the head by the psycho LJ and Oswellier. Only to be reminded that Terrance runs 3rd class. Terrence seeks backstreet medical attention from Layton in the tail literally using a staple gun to fix his scalp.

Layton tries to reason with Terrence about fair trade on the market. Terrence replies with the ominous threat about the info coming forward from Josie because he sees it all from his hovel balcony.

We cut to the infirmary where Zarah and Layton get to see the baby via ultrasound. as they talk Zarah reminds him that Terrance is a threat to their baby and the train and he must be dealt with and he already has a way.

Lies Lie On Lofty Balloons

Photo David Bukach

As Snowpiercer’s assuming 1st class children show a mural they made in appreciation of Melanie’s journey to the Science station. The Engineers get no signal from Melanie. The senior staff all agree it is in the best interest of the train to tell a white lie to keep hope alive.

Bess’s Day Off

Bess Till is wallowing in her self-doubt and survivor’s remorse. Trying to drink and “play” her problems away. even finding a confidant in the weasel Oswellier. She stupidly tries to pick a fight with the Breachmen. Thankfully Pastor Logan pulls her out before things head south. It sounds rather cliche but Bess and the Pastor put on the old boxing gloves and get their frustrations out the old-fashioned way. After Bess gets the sense knocked back into her, she listens to the Pastors point of view: Is Layton really the savior of this train?

Date Night With The Devil

Audrey made a stunning walk thru the train in a flawless red dress for her date with Wilford. They share some pleasantries and she starts playing her role. Using her draw on Wilford to have him turn away and get an adult beverage while she tries to access the coms panel. Since Wilford is a heavy-handed bartender this happened too quickly for Audrey to pick and open the box. Audrey tries to lead Wilford away from the lockbox but he catches that it had been tampered with. it makes sense after living in the same place for 7 years if one thing can seem out of place with just a glance.

Tip Of The Pike

In his dimly lit car, Layton explains to Pike that he needs to dispatch Terrance for the safety of the Tail and the Train. Pike is not happy with this at all. Going back to the stories of the first years when they were practicing cannibalism in the tail to survive. How Layton vouched for him and he would only ever kill again in battle. He comes to terms with the importance of silencing Terrance permanently but it is with a heavy aching heart to do so. He fashioned 2 shivs to try and make it a fair fight but Terrance couldn’t match Pikes prowess in hand-to-hand combat. In the next scene, Pike is seen shaving his head and beard off to reveal a new person.

Plans Of Pain In Motion

Josie needs another procedure due to intense frostbite. but knowing that the Doctors always run their mouths she decides to not swallow her pills and instead endure the agony of another grafting. Faking that she is asleep the entire time! The Doctors say that it will be a shame that the Breachmen would make excellent specimens. In her pain, she goes back into the concentration technique from her panic attack earlier to separate herself from the pain.

Later she is slipping another note into the laundry when Icy Bob confronts her about not taking her pills and he takes them. He promises not to rat her out but hopes that she knows what she’s doing.

Wilford asks Audrey to stay on Big Alice instead of going back before the curfew. Like I said he still believes that Audrey is the same girl he met all those years ago while Audrey stands her ground saying she isn’t. Layton receives the message from Josie that it’s tonight and the Breachmen. Little does he know that the Breachmen aren’t the culprit but the target. systematically being killed one by one except for their leader who was being hounded by Layton. Alarms start sounding as Wilford escorts Audrey back to the border. At this point, she is stuck whether to stay on Big Alice or go back to the chaos that will ensue on Snowpiercer. She chooses to stay.

Thoughts And Theories

I called it! I knew Emilia would support the cause! But the twist was Icy Bob is more than just what we have previously seen. After then sparring match and hearing the Pastors words I really do believe as I said from the beginning that he Wilford’s man on Snowpiercer. Ruth is also starting to break under the pressure. But one small detail I want to show is that Wilford in the previous episodes has seemed well-groomed for any company. now he is relaxed more and maybe getting a bit sloppy?

Do you also think that Wilford wants Audrey to stay to try and play her since he might doubt her intentions after the com panel?

This was a great episode to highlight the other passengers after the past few heavy episodes to change the spotlight really does make a difference.

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