Hasbro has released their character bios from the forthcoming season of Power Rangers: Dino Fury and we even have some leaked/released images to share too! Let’s start with our Heroes!

The Dino Fury Rangers

ZAYTO The Red Ranger

Zayto is an alien from the planet Rafkon. He has been on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs, frozen in stasis. After he is revived, he leads the Dino Fury Power Rangers in the hopes of stopping the evil forces that destroyed his planet from destroying Earth.


OLLIE AKANA The Blue Ragner

Ollie is a confident, logical skeptic who’s never afraid to share his opinion and always needs to prove he’s right. Growing up, he traveled the globe with his archaeologist mom, Dr. Akana. Ollie doesn’t believe that there’s anything that can’t be proven or explained by science.


AMELIA JONES The Pink Ranger

A go-getting journalist with a passion for the paranormal, Amelia works at the internet media agency, BuzzBlast. She’s well known in Pine Ridge as the person you come to if anything “weird” happens. Her enthusiasm seeps into everything she does, much to the amusement of her friends and coworkers.


JAVI GARCÍA The Black Ranger

Javi is a free-spirited musician who can be quiet at times, focusing his energy on his creative process and artistic endeavors. Though he loves music, he can’t settle on any one style or instrument. His step-sister, Izzy, is his biggest supporter and the most important person in his life.


IZZY GARCÍA The Green Ranger

Izzy is a highly competitive and ambitious athlete. She pushes herself to the limits and never gives up, even when the stress is overwhelming. She’s close with her step-brother, Javi.



Photo Courtesy of Hasbro

As far as the Zords are concerned looks like there hasn’t been a definite name for the zords. as this is the fourth dino-themed iteration. MMPR had the Dino-Zords. Dino Thunder’s Zord were originally called Bio-Zords. The Dino charge Rangers simply called Zords. Whether or not these zords will get a group name like older seasons remains to be seen. I will say that I appreciate the extra adjective added to their names to differentiate them from the Dino Charge Zords. I hope that someone does come up with a better naming system for the different combinations than the last dino series.


Photo Courtesy of Hasbro


Void Knight is an armored alien warlord who crashed on Earth many years ago. He is intent on using the power of the super-charged Sporix for his own personal benefit.

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro


Void Knight’s monster general, a brutal fighter.

If you haven’t watched the source material you can clearly tell that Void Knight has some sort of relation to the Dino Fury rangers nearly copying their motif. If you have watched Ryusoulger then this will be interesting how they adapt it. Boomtower?! seriously I think this is a perfect name for a Villain considering he’s a Rook that shoots cannonballs!

The Spoilers

We have new production stills, a familiar face, and new faces too!

Had to start off with their civilian attire What’s nice is the rangers will change outfits, opposed to other seasons where they wear the same thing! OF COURSE, they might happen to match their respective ranger colors.

If you look closely you can see that all the rangers wear what look like smartwatches that will likely transform into their morphers like the previous season.

Let’s assume this is a training session and we get a new dino companion, perhaps along the lines of Red-Bot. You can see Zayto will also be able to hide his antennae also.

Inside a spaceship possibly? But looks like this will serve as the Dino Fury rangers command canter. LOOK, Mick is back! The Power Rangers legend himself Kelson Henderson joins the cast! I’m guessing that he will only cameo in a few episodes here and there since we are dealing with alien tech in this series. But you KNOW it is always a good omen to have Kelson on your cast, he’s played on 12 different seasons of Power Rangers!

Seems Wiserue from Ryusoulger will also be used in the new series. Sorry, no info yet on his Americanized name or backstory. I personally hope since he had a bunch of source footage episodes he plays as a secondary villain in the background. Since his plans were a bit more thought out.

Reaction and Thoughts

Based on these images and info, I have high hopes for Hasbro’s sophomore series of Power Rangers. This being their first season in production with the newly acquired Entertainment One. It seems they are starting off on the right foot! My biggest qualm with rangers is the poorly named equipment and bland one tone characters. Let’s see what Dino Fury will bring us later this year!

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