If you are a fan of Marvels Studios WandaVision on Disney+ then you will want to check out these new limited edition pins. This week FiGPiN announced four new WandaVision pins that will be heading our way in March. Wanda and Vision will both come in full color and grayscale pins. The color pins will be limited to 2000 pieces while the grayscale pins will be limited to 1000. These pins retail for $20 each and are available now for pre-order at FiGPiN.com. Here is the official announcement from FiGPiN.

The WandaVision FiGPiNs are too good to be true!

Our secret is out… this WandaVision collection is now available for purchase on FiGPiN.com! 

While they may look like your everyday suburban couple, they are hiding a big secret! Look closely and you will see that everything is not as it seems! 

Wanda #691 and Vision #692 are full color and FiGPiN exclusives with an LE of 2k. Wanda #693 and Vision #694 are grayscale and limited to 1k units so make sure you grab yours before they sell out! 

*These are a preorder with an estimated ship date of late March 2021*

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