Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Jar Jar Binks had a pretty big impact in the Star Wars universe. While there have been a few Jar Jar Binks action figures made over the past years we were still waiting for Hasbro to release their 6-inch version in The Black Series lineup. We thankfully we finally got one, and a much as the Jar Jar haters are not going to want to hear this, I personally feel it is one of the best The Back Series figures to date!

Star Wars The Black Series Deluxe Jar Jar Binks 6-Inch Action Figure

Pros of The Black Series Jar Jar Binks

Not only does this figure look amazing in the new The Black Series packaging, but once you take it out of the box you notice the amazing sculpt and details of this figure.

  • If you are a in box collector Jar Jar displays perfectly along with his accessories.
  • Coming with a Atlatl with Bomma , Electropole, and energy shield you will have plenty of was to display out of the box
  • The Sculpt is amazing. Also the figure has more weight to it so it stands great without any support.
  • The articulation points on Jar Jar make this figure one of the most poseable ones out there.
  • The hands are easier to put accessories in for posing
  • The paint and attention to details on this figure really gives it that straight from the movie look.

Cons of The Black Series Jar Jar Binks

With Jar Jar’s amazing details and accessories, it was hard to find anything wrong with this figure. The only thing I would maybe have liked to see added is another head with one of his goofy facial expressions. Other than that I think this figure is perfect!

My Final Thoughts

Like I said before I truly think that this is one of the best The Black Series figures that Hasbro has ever made. The details and overall look of Jar Jar Binks make this a must-have in any collection, even for the fans that hate him! At a price tag of $29.99, this figure is worth every republic credit.

Jar Jar Binks

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