Spoiler Warning For Snowpiercer Season Two

Photo Credit: David Bukach

We pick up immediately where we left off with Alex, Melanie’s Daughter, making demands of Snowpiercer with a shopping list and demands or the train will stay at a standstill and everyone will freeze. Meanwhile Melanie still outside was able to free Snowpiercer from BIG Alice’s computer connection but not her physical connection now being an anchor to the train. Might I also add we finally get to see the scale of the trains vs a normal human height! I know the original movie vs what we see in the tv series makes scale a bit hard to grasp but for me that few seconds has totally shifted my idea of how large the train actually is.

While Layton and the new democracy scramble to find the peculiarly small shopping list for a 40 car train Melanie also places a small bomb on the underside, this will be relevant later. As the required supplies for Mr. Wilford’s proxy are met the train starts moving. Melanie jumps out from the undercarriage she rips her suit and gets nasty frostbite. luckily she was able to board the last car of Big Alice.

Next, we get the typical sci-fi decontamination scene and our introduction to Big Alice’s head of Hospitality, Kevin, and needless to say he’s a bit pissed that he was left behind. He leads Melanie to the man himself, Mr. Wilford, Played by the incomparable Sean Bean. The two have a subtle but heavy tet a tet of words and as Melanie says that Wilfrod can’t hurt her anymore. Of course, her daughter she thought was frozen waltzes in with her groceries.

Back on the Big Train

Layton and the Tailies attempt to draw a line in the sand make the former tail the border between “us” and “them.” Layton then addresses the main car saying that marshall law will still have to be in effect for the time being. He and his now pregnant ex go uptrain into a now passenger less, First Class cabin as the former well to do occupants took Cyanide pills rather than deal with the new democracy based civilization on the rails.

Pike, back in the border section makes “friends” with someone on the other side trading some food for a huge bag of weed. Once, Layton got wind of this he devised a plan to storm Big Alice itself. That didn’t work out quite well even though. They got halfway thru the first of 40 cars, their enforcer a huge brute who opens the shutters on the dies of the car letting n the freezing cold air without even flinching! on the upside, they did at least get Kevin.

Big Alice is a Big Problem

Photo Credit: David Bukach

After a heart-wrenching scene in the brig between Alex and Melanie. We meet the scientists of Big Alice who retrofit a car for their experiments and tend to Melanie’s wound. Melanie is escorted to dinner in Mr. Wilford’s main cabin with a lovely meal from the newly acquired groceries. it turned into a shouting match as it’s obvious that Wilford is more obsessed with his influence and power over the survival of the human race. We see that hidden in his cabin is the control room for Big Alice and the engineer is obviously Alex.

Wilford orders that Big Alice anchors down the trains again to a full stop, again putting everyone on Snowpiercer at risk and for his machinations of grandeur! As Alex goes to disconnect the trains so that Big Alice can run off and survive to come back and pick Snowpiercer clean. Melanie tries to reason with her cold bitter daughter to no put the literal world on her shoulders. Like most teens she didn’t listen to her mom. When she tried to disconnect the linkage, the bomb Melanie left on the underside went off, permanently linking the two trains together forcing Wilford to get moving or get freezing. One subtle thing you’ll notice is that Alex was about to restart the now whole train but Mr. Wilford had to “give the order” first, it goes to show how much he craves power and control over anything else.

Full Steam Ahead!

As last season ended on a heavy cliffhanger the premier just slid right into place. I think it was a wise move as we are now world-building the second train. A bit of action when necessary but it was more important to start to understand the new characters and their motivations. it seems that Big Alice’s roster has an unhealthy fear and gratitude of Mr. Wilford. How this will play out over the season will be what keeps me going. Also how Layton and Snowpoercer navigate the balance of power from their 994 cars vs the Alice Anchor of 40.

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