Hear the name “Thomas Kinkade” and you’re instantly transported to a fairytale cottage nestled beside a babbling brook. Awash in color, such a scene was the hallmark of the late artist’s mass-marketed art empire. Mention Kinkade and Star Wars, however, and you can’t help but chuckle. Usually those two things combined results in Stormtroopers, AT-ATs, or other characters inserted into Kinkade’s works to comedic effect. Well, not anymore. Thomas Kinkade Studios now presents The Mandalorian Collection.

Thomas Kinkade; Star Wars
This is what we usually think of when it comes to Thomas Kinkade and Star Wars. (NOT Official.)

Yes folks, now you can get your very own Kinkade-esque print featuring scenes from the hit, live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. From Grogu to the Razor Crest (may it rest in peace), there’s something in the Kinkade Mandalorian Collection for all. The works come from artist Monte Moore, who in a rare move actually earns personal billing on a Kinkade Studios offering. The painter captures some of the more iconic moments from the show’s first season on Disney+.

Thomas Kinkade Studios presents The Mandalorian Collection from Star Wars

Thomas Kinkade; The Mandalorian; Star Wars
Image: Monte Moore for Thomas Kinkade Studios

Depicting the gritty, post-Empire landscape of The Mandalorian in Thomas Kinkade style isn’t something one would normally expect. Moore does seem to mostly pull it off, though. First there is Din Djarin’s first moment with Grogu, aptly titled “Turning Point.” The most “Kinkade” of The Mandalorian Collection, however, is the image of Grogu from Bryce Dallas Howard’s Season 1 episode “Sanctuary.”

The Mandalorian; Thomas Kinkade; Star Wars
Image: Monte Moore for Thomas Kinkade Studios

My personal favorite of the bunch, however, is “The Escort,” featuring the Razor Crest and Djarin’s initial escape from Nevarro:

The Mandalorian Collection; Star Wars;
Image: Monte Moore for Thomas Kinkade Studios

For the most part, pricing for the artwork is reasonable. Framed prints on metal, or prints on wrapped canvas, go for between $60-70, US. If you want a limited edition print, however, get ready to shell out some serious credits. Those can run you up to $4,740. For more information and to order, you can see the entire Mandalorian Collection HERE.