Directors show their love for Star Wars and The Mandalorian

Filoni showed so much care for The Mandalorian when he made even how Temuera Morrison holds his gun as Boba Fett a priority. This is why Filoni is integral as an executive producer on The Mandalorian – because he is going to put in that TLC to make The Mandalorian feel like Star Wars (and he has succeeded with aplomb!).

Robert Rodriguez, who directed The Tragedy, turned a three-page battle scene into a nine-minute battle scene because he was so excited to re-introduce Boba. (He talked about seeing Star Wars over and over at age nine and seeing the re-releases of the films.) I love his passion for Star Wars – he was the perfect choice to bring back Boba. And I’m so glad that studio executives let him run with the battle scene!

Rodriguez said he wanted to see this version of Boba since he was a kid. I think many of us shared in that dream.

Rodriguez made a backyard version of the Boba scene with his sons to propose to showrunners what he was thinking for the battle scene. Filoni applauded the scene for including action figures. Again, Filoni is a true fan and The Mandalorian is benefiting from it.

Morrison’s haka dance was integrated into Boba’s fighting technique. I suppose a fighting scene hadn’t been established for Boba, so this is fine.

Robert Rodriguez’s goal was to say ‘Boba is back.’ He succeeded.

Robert Rodriguez at work. (photo credit: Slashfilm)

Peyton Reed, who directed The Passenger and the finale The Rescue, said he couldn’t have lived with himself to pass up doing the finale, as a lifelong Star Wars fan. That’s the right attitude.

People played Dark Troopers. So that’s ironic because in the story, they were supposed to be models that surpassed the need for people.

Carrie Fisher hit her head on dangly things in Jabba the Hutt’s palace. Those things were back. The attention to detail of Jabba’s palace from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi is incredible.

Favreau had the idea to make Bib Fortuna fat, to symbolize gluttony. So I thought that this is why Bib was fat and thought that Favreau was responsible for it.

Reed said he felt a “tremendous sense of responsibility” to get the finale right. He did it!

Peyton Reed at work. (photo credit: Slashfilm)

Gina Carano (Cara Dune) said every department gives it their all on The Mandalorian. So they do have a dream job, but that’s great to hear.

Rodriguez said in The Mandalorian, all the “tropes” are put together in a “new way.” Absolutely – and it’s for the best.

The documentary didn’t have anything about Luke Skywalker being in The Rescue. So I wonder if this means that we’ll see a mini-documentary, etc. uniquely devoted to that.

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