‘The Rescue’ just wrapped up season 2 of The Mandalorian. This season gave us tons of fan service and great moments, but this finale gave us something the Star Wars universe needed for awhile now – conjecture. The fun part of Star Wars is always taking what they give us and then coming up with 101 WRONG possibilities for the future. I do not think I have ever seen a fan base come up so many possibilities and yet still miss the mark on the franchises true direction. The writers always seem to find that one path fans cannot come up with. Now, at season’s end, we can sit back and ask – where do we go from here?

Where Do We Go – Separating Forces

Din Djarin and Boba Fett
Paving the way to new shows

The biggest surprise of the Mandalorian was definitely Grogu. Rumors of a Yoda-based show floated through media for a long time. It appears this all revolved around Grogu in some form, but now after two years, Grogu appears to be gone. A fact we all shed a tear over, but what next? We recently received 10 new star wars projects Disney will be creating, but the ending of The Mandalorian proved this list can be lengthened. The Book of Boba Fett becomes project 11, so who’s to say project 12 won’t be announced in the months ahead? One does not simply give up a force sensitive baby Yoda to Luke Skywalker during an era that will see the rise of Kylo Ren and ignore it! While Lucasfilm may need to sit back and plan things out, I cannot believe we will not have a Skywalker/Grogu project announced by mid-2021.

Mandalorian; smartest soldier
Din Djarin and Cara Dune make a good military team. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Rumor suggests Cara Dune may be jumping ship to the Rangers of the New Republic. Boba and Fennec now star in their own show – The Book Of Boba Fett, but what about our main Mando – Din Djarin? He may have started the series as a simple bounty hunter, but now he is part father, part Mandalorian of The Watch, and total Mandalore. Where does his future rest?

Where Do We Go – A Simple Man in Unsimple Times

The Watch may be described as a cult by Bo Katan, but they adopted, raised and train Din. Their ways are his ways….or were. A key component to The Watch’s creed seems to be that they can never remove their helmet in front of another living being. The armorer grilled Din on whether or not he ever removed his helmet in front of a living being. When Din said no that seemed to settle his belonging there all on its own merit.

The problem is Din has not only violated this creed, but done so twice. Once can debate whether or not Mayfeld would count. While Mayfeld swore himself to secrecy, Din seems like he carries an over developed sense of honor. Could Din swear before a Watch leader that no living being has seen his face? Perhaps, but now we need to add Luke, Grogu, Bo, Koska, Fennec, Cara and Moff Gideon to the list. Where ever our heroes future lies, The Watch does not seem like a possibility right now.

I am sure Din would be happy enough going back to bounty hunting and missing Grogu, but such a path would be too simple for our hero. Then we have the Sidious/Gideon debate. Fans debate whether Windu beat Sidious or if Sidious threw the fight to get to Anakin. We can now debate the Gideon/Djarin fight. Did Gideon throw the fight to trap Bo? Or did he lose and then simply benefit from circumstances.

Where Do We Go – Season 3, Chapter 1

Bo Katan and Din Djarin
Allies or adversaries?

I think in many ways Season three, when it drops, will be a reboot of the series. It will follow the path many assumed the show would start on. With Bo Katan, the black saber and Gideon’s cruiser under his belt, season three should be about the retaking of Mandalore. Din does in fact possess the saber, so he is tied to the throne, like it or not. Although I still ask why Bo could not take the saber from Din, since that is exactly what happened in Rebels.

Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) had news for Din Djarin that suggested that there is more than one way to be a Mandalorian. (photo credit: Disney+)

I am sure we will still get any number of curveballs ahead, but perhaps Din now serves a greater purpose. Bo makes the comment to Boba and Koska that if the Mandalorians showed this type of spunk (during their fight) to begin with, they never would have lost their home. It sounds as if the Mandalorian people are still divided, which makes sense seeing how divided they were during Clone Wars. Perhaps Din will serve as the connector, the one who unites clans like The Watch with Bo’s groups. He walks that divide even now. We also have the possibility of Boba Fett’s gang joining the fight.

Like I said at the start. We can come up with 101 theories and they will go with option 102, but in the end isn’t that the fun part?