Amazon Prime Video invites you to the ultimate “Dawn of Eve” slumber party to celebrate the premiere of their new series, The Wilds.

Join in the fun here: The Wilds Slumber Party!

The Wilds follows 9 teen girls from different walks of life who are sent on an all-girls retreat called, “The Dawn of Eve”. However, things don’t go as planned. Their plane crashes on its way to Hawaii and the girls wake up alone on a deserted island. The Wilds is part survival, part dystopian slumber party…. I like to think of it as Lost meets Lord of the Flies, but with girls and fewer pig heads. The stranded teens both clash and bond as they learn about each other, themselves, and process the traumas they’ve all endured. However, there is a twist…these girls didn’t end up on this island by accident.

The Wilds

Created by Sarah Streicher (Daredevil) and Co-Executive Produced by Amy B. Harris (Sex and the City/The Carried Diaries), the series stars Rachel Griffiths (6 Feet Under). Joining her are as Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, and Mia Healey. Rounding out the main cast are   Helena Howard, Erana James, Sarah Pidgeon, David Sullivan, and Troy Winbush.

The Wilds descend on Amazon Prime Video

The Wilds Virtual Slumber Party gives the viewer a chance to experience what was supposed to be the “Dawn of Eve” Retreat as we Flex Up, Fuel Up, Glow Up, Gloss Up, and get Hooked up with inspiration and self-care tips to survive your own desert island mishap or just the wild ride year we’ve all endured. 

Nana Agyemang, CEO of @everystylishgirl @everystylishgirlbiz, will host the premiere. It will also feature appearances from the series executive producers and cast. Further, fans will be treated to tutorials from wellness experts/influencers such as Andrea Amez, Kirsty Godso, Dajana Radovanovic, Doniella Davy, and Christine Doan. There will also be a live DJ set by AMRIT and a special performance by Empress Of performing her new song “Broken” which was written specifically for the show. And make sure to check out the special The Wilds filter on Instagram!

The Wilds premiere’s on Amazon Prime Video tonight, Thursday, December 10th at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET. However, The Wilds Slumber Party’s premiere site will be LIVE until December 17th for everyone to enjoy!

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