One of the earliest DC heroes is finally coming to a screen near you. Plastic-Man, or in this new case, Plastic-Woman is being put into development by DC. Cat Vasko (Black List) is being hired to write a script centered around the DC hero. This project has long been gestating at Warner Bros. but went into development hell a couple years ago. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision is reporting the news.

The character got their start in the 1940’s and had a project coming from Amanda Idoko, but that never got off the ground. Now with the hiring of Vasko, the project is undergoing a major change. In what’s sure to upset the more misogynistic crowd, the character that was once a man, will now be a woman. Plastic-Man got his start in the 40’s but quickly became a cult classic of the comic book genre. He was once a member of the Justice League and goes by Patrick O’Brian. Doused by chemical liquid after he’s shot, he became Plastic-Man with similar powers to that of Mr. Fantastic.

As this is a new direction for the film, we’re not likely to be seeing any news about casting or production until the script is finished. DC and Warner Bros. made waves earlier this week when they announced that their entire 2021 slate of films would be coming directly to HBO Max.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter