With Star Wars being as big and as famous as it is, it’s no surprise that someone would try to steal used props from the movies. Fortunately, if this story is to be believed, the police have already solved this case, and recovered the props. Which is fortunate because one of the stolen props was allegedly a Darth Vader helmet actually used onscreen.

A Darth Vader helmet from Star Wars.
I find your lack of morals disturbing.

According to a “news” report by TMZ (an online tabloid newspaper), a burglar allegedly broke into the offices of Bad Robot Productions building in Santa Monica. Their goal? Apparently, it was to steal Star Wars memorabilia and props that they were keeping in the building. Security cameras apparently caught the entire robbery on video, with the alleged robber breaking in through the roof, and then nonchalantly pushing a shopping cart filled with stolen goods out of the building.

A Star Wars Heist Not for the Ages

The burglar apparently did not harm anyone over the course of this robbery. All the burglar did was steal a bunch of Star Wars merchandise, including a pile of Star Wars pillows, and used movie props. Apparently, 2 of the stolen items was a Darth Vader helmet and an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet. While no one can confirm that the actual actors used these props, that didn’t stop the burglar from taking them too.

An Imperial Stormtrooper helmet, also from Star Wars.
Finally, some fame!

Fortunately, the security footage rendered this alleged robbery attempt fruitless. Police located the alleged burglar actually strolling down the street a short distance away, still with his shopping cart full of stolen Star Wars goods. They arrested him and returned the items back to Bad Robot Productions, presumably. And that’s the end of this burglary.


The police have foiled an alleged burglary of Star Wars props. That’s about it, so it’s an interesting story, but good on the police for getting the stolen items back to their rightful owner.

So, what do you think of this burglary?

Source: TMZ