Contrary to what people say, it’s perfectly fine that Ashley Eckstein isn’t Ahsoka Tano in live-action form. (Ahsoka is in the live-action Star Wars: The Mandalorian.)

Ashley Eckstein wrote on Instagram that she is “excited for (people) to hopefully go back and watch (Ahsoka’s) journey in The Clone Wars and Rebels,” both of which are Star Wars shows.

“In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka became the eyes of the audience. Viewers experienced the show through Ahsoka,” Eckstein added. “Ahsoka has become a beacon of hope, light and genuine goodness.”

It makes sense. I agree with everything Eckstein said about Ahsoka. But I’d also want a character I would have played to be relived. I’d take every opportunity to celebrate the character — and promote Eckstein’s business, Her Universe — whenever a news peg offered the opportunity. (And could there be many greater news pegs than Ahsoka making her live-action debut? The flurry of media coverage of Eckstein’s post provides commentary of its own on that.)

Animation And Live-Action Are Different

But while Eckstein is also a live-action actor, live-action is a different animal than animation. (That’s the form The Clone Wars and Rebels take.) For live-action Ahsoka, Rosario Dawson was a perfect choice.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Mandalorian — The Jedi. (photo credit: Lucasfilm)

Dawson carried the character beautifully. She embodied Ahsoka in a way few other actresses could have. At the same time, she gave a unique portrayal of the character.

We should be happy that we have two excellent Ahsoka actors. But Star Wars podcasters and fans want to complain that Eckstein should have gotten the live-action nod.

Eckstein did say “It’s my wish that Ahsoka continues to bring people joy, light and most importantly, hope,” implying that she was celebrating that the character is in The Mandalorian. But it followed about 15 lines where she talked about her version of the character or items relating to it.

Wasting Their Breaths on Eckstein

These same podcasters and fans are saying that Dawson did a good job. So why not move on? Why get gray hair over an acknowledged non-issue?

(With one podcaster, it’s clear why he is complaining in saying Eckstein should have gotten the part. As he said, he knows Eckstein personally. As he said, he’s socialized with her beyond the professional realm. He’s biased on this matter.)

Ashley Eckstein wearing a Her Universe outfit. (photo credit: Her Universe)

Eckstein seems like a beautiful person. After a comic convention booked her, I remember texting my friend in excitement about it.

But it seems like she is struggling over not remaining Ahsoka because she is striving so much to call attention to her version of the character when Star Wars has moved past her. (And maybe she struggles to move past Ahsoka because the character undoubtedly boosts Eckstein’s Her Universe business.)

What do you think? Is it OK that Eckstein isn’t live-action Ahsoka? Should people move on now that Ahsoka has been portrayed by Dawson? Comment below!

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