Not all the witches burned during the Salem witch trials. Now, generations later, their descendants protect their ancient secrets. An Unkindness of Ravens tells the story of Wilma, a teenage girl who gets caught up in the witchy ways of the Ravens.

Check out our review for issue #3 below. (Need to catch up? Here’s the scoop on the first and second issues.)

An Unkindness of Ravens issue #3 main cover art featuring Scarlett outside her family mansion

An Unkindness of Ravens #3 Review

An Unkindness of Ravens continues to delight. Issue #3 keeps the magical and mysterious elements of the first two comics, while also giving us a little peek at the antagonists Wilma’s going to find herself up against.

I had some slight issues with the way the exposition was handled in issue #2, but those problems have disappeared again. Much like its debut, issue #3 of Ravens beautifully balances plot and intrigue. Every scene feels like an important step forward, giving you just enough information to keep you wanting more.

The vaguely ominous Abigail House referenced in the first two issues also makes a significant appearance here. The whole thing has a magical speakeasy/secret society vibe, which is very cool. Scarlett aligns herself with whatever’s going on there. They appear to be part of a group calling themselves The Survivors, who want to keep Wilma away from the Ravens for reasons unknown.

Meanwhile, the Ravens themselves form the opposing faction in this war over Wilma. The school principal is part of their squad (coven?), which is perhaps more practical when trying to keep tabs on a teenager. (Though not as cool as running a secret society out of an old-timey building, one must admit.)

Overall, Ravens #3 does everything you want it to at this point in a story. It deepens the existing mystery, sets up the key antagonists, and keeps a thread of magic running throughout.

Once again, I finished An Unkindness of Ravens wishing I already had more to read. This series is one to watch and a must for any fans of witchy media.

You can pick up An Unkindness of Ravens #3 from Boom! Studios now.