Have you ever heard of a fantasy movie called The Green Knight? To be honest, I hadn’t either. Until today, when it apparently got a R rating from the MPA.


Apparently, The Green Knight by A24 is a very trippy fantasy movie, if the trailer was anything to go by. The movie was supposed to premier in South by Southwest on March 16, 2020. The theatrical release would’ve followed shortly afterwards on May 29, 2020. Unfortunately, neither happened because of one pesky COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, no one ever saw The Green Knight in spite of it being a complete movie. Except for the Motion Picture Association apparently. They had to have watched it to give it its R rating, didn’t they? Not only that, but their reason for the R rating is for “violence, some sexuality, and graphic nudity”. Um, what?

How Many Mushrooms Did the Green Knight Eat?

The Green Knight poster with not a hint of green in it.
Or maybe that crown-thing is cutting off circulation to his head?

Oookay. That R rating and the reasons for it just increased the trippiness factor of The Green Knight by a factor of 10. I mean, I get why there’d be violence in it. It’s a dark medieval fantasy movie with quite a lot of blood spilled, if the trailer is anything to go on. But seriously, “some sexuality and graphic nudity”? What is in this movie? Aside from the titular green knight, of course.

The Green Knight himself in the...flesh?
Treebeard? Is that you? Did you work out?

I suppose in a way, this R rating only fires up the hype for The Green Knight. When you see a rating like that and the reasons for it, it only makes you all the more curious as to what’s in the bloody movie. And I do mean bloody in all senses of the word. Seriously, A24, when are you going to release the movie already?


The Green Knight somehow managed to get a R rating from the MPA for “violence, some sexuality, and graphic nudity”, which only makes us all the more curious as to what’s in it. May 29, 2020 has come and gone; and still A24 has not given us any word as to what the movie’s new release date will be as of this writing. Tune in later, and maybe the Green Knight himself will show up to give us his take on the subject.

Source: JoBlo.com