5. Killer Klowns From Outer Space

The movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space should not be nearly as funny as it is. It shouldn’t be as good as it is either. But depending on your temperament, you’ll either think this movie is a pile of crap, or a cinematic marvel. Either way, it belongs on this list, for the sheer silliness of the subject material. The Klowns in the film are also a pretty good achievement in costume and makeup design.

It’s the sort of unknowing or unintentional humor here that makes this movie as good and funny as it is. It knows what it is, and that’s a funny, horror film.

4. The Return Of The Living Dead

Now for another classic 80’s take on a horror genre. This time, it’s not a reimagining of the 50’s, but zombies. The Return of the Living Dead is simply fantastic. With whatever George Romero created, they ran with it, and made it funnier. Every character in the film is a caricature. The effects add to this along with all the costumes for the characters. This all adds together for one of the funnier, yet terrifying experiences on film.

3. The Watch

Time for the wild card of the list. The Watch was a movie that I skipped over back when it was in theaters. It wasn’t long after that it got it’s run on HBO, where I found it. And holy crap, am I glad I did. It’s not traditional horror, but this film is hilarious. It was marred by controversy because of it’s original name, Neighborhood Watch, so the marketing and everything else involving it’s release kind of dampened this one. But make no mistake, this film is a gem.

The Aliens in the film are also pretty scary at times, and it does a good job of building tension with horror and comedy. So if you need a good watch in the run-up to Halloween, go for The Watch.

2. Shaun Of The Dead

Well these last two, you knew had to be here. It just depends on the order. With Shaun of the Dead it just separates from the two, because I’ve watched Young Frankenstein so many times. But other than that both films are slam dunk horror classics that’ll make you cry with laughter. It would take a really hateful person to not find joy in the premise of Shaun of the Dead.

1. Young Frankenstein

Like I said before, Young Frankenstein is hilarious. It’s not only one of the most hilarious horror films ever, it’s one of the funniest films ever. It takes a lot to overcome the gross-out, shock comedy of today, and this film does just that. You won’t find a better film spoofing the classic Universal Monsters in addition to any of the other horror tropes at the time. It hits them all. Hammer horror? Check. So take some time to rediscover this one or show it to your loved ones, because everyone needs to see Young Frankenstein at some point in their life.

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