In the summer of 1992, R. L. Stein reinvented the horror genre. Namely, he made it for kids! The first Goosebumps book released and started a phenomena that would go on to span books, television and movies. Now in partnership with BOOM! Studios, Stein will release a graphic novel entitled Just Beyond: Welcome to Beast Island. The description of the graphic novel reads as follows:

Trips to exotic islands can be more exhausting than relaxing sometimes, and on the island of Mala Suerte, they’re a real beast! Karla and her little brother Benny accompany their Uncle Bill on a scientific expedition to study unidentified species on the remote island, but after a little “bad luck” they soon discover something terrifying and deadly living in the river swamp… With nowhere to run, will Karla, Benny, and Uncle Bill survive the unimaginable and harrowing horrors of the place aptly nicknamed BEAST ISLAND?

BOOM! Studios Press Release

As well as the description they previewed some of the opening pages of the comic. Check out the opening below:

Beast Island – The Adventure Continues

Just Beyond: Welcome to Monster Island looks like the perfect extension of Stein’s kid friendly horror genre. The nicest part of this title comes from it being a graphic novel. You can buy the entire story at once and read it without waiting every month for the new installment. If you, your kids, or anyone you know loves the worlds, creatures and stories of R. L. Stein this graphic novel will be a must grab!

For those wanting to grab this fun title, rest easy. With Halloween just around the corner, you will not have to wait long! Your local comic store will be selling this come October 21st. Bookstores and online sites will be able to sell it the following week, October 27th. Either way you can have it before this Halloween!

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