My Hero Academia is one of the best manga/anime to ever exist, so it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular both in Japan and in the US. It’s also not hard to see why fans would be so excited at hearing rumors of a fifth season incoming.

Poster for "My Hero Academia" season 5.
Engrish aside, hype train inbound!

Rumors are spreading across Twitter of news of a fifth season of My Hero Academia. The rumors come from numerous sources, with one of them being Weekly Shonen Jump’s own official Twitter account. I’d say this is a credible and reliable source, yeah?

Arrgh, me hearties! Here be a truthful rumor, says I!

My Hero Academia: My Legit Rumors?

All the rumors say the same thing: My Hero Academia will get a fifth season in Spring of 2021. They don’t mention a specific month. Just that it will be in the spring. Since the spring season for anime tends to be in April, it’s likely that we can expect to see this rumored fifth season showing up right around that time.

Considering how popular My Hero Academia is, you can bet that fans are hyped over this. The manga/anime by Kohei Horikoshi is basically a love story to superhero story: ranging from the Silver Age, to the gritty Dark Age antiheroes of the 80’s, all the way to the modern Marvel heroes. If you love watching the Avengers films or just reading the Marvel comics in general, I strongly urge you to check out My Hero Academia.

Class 1-A from "My Hero Academia" readies for battle.
AKA: Avengers: The Anime.

In the end though, please note that these are rumors and not official news from My Hero Academia or Kohei Horikoshi, so take it with a pinch of salt for taste.

A pinch of salt.
Just a pinch.

Although having an official poster would lend a bit more credence to these rumors than the normal ones.


Rumors abound from credible sources that My Hero Academia will be airing its fifth season in Spring 2021. The anime is available for free from Crunchyroll, so catch it there sometime. If you have any love for the superhero genre, I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Source: ComicBook