For those of you looking for some fun party/group/family games Kickstarter may have exactly what you are looking for. As You Wich (found here) is a huge yet simple card game for 3-8 players. They recommend 3-8 players, ages +10, but if you know or have younger kids with a great imagination they can fit right in. In fact the more creative the group the better this game will play. Oh, and the best part? Its CHEAP!

For those of you who love games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity where people create insane combos of cards and everyone votes on the best, you will love this game. The basic idea behind As you Wich is to create a sandwich out of various ingredients (aka-cards), name it and convince the group why your sandwich should win!

As You Wich – Game Quality

As You Wich cards

While the version I played was a prototype, the card stock for the cards was solid quality. They cards shuffle easily, so they are not too thick. At the same time this stock is not thin and will weather usage fairly well. The pictures look good and the upper part of the card makes it so you can stack your cards to look like the sandwich you want.

This game contains one flaw that also plays out as a strength. The deck contains 300 cards!! Shuffling this many cards can be daunting and suck for the one shuffling (psst – Pass chunks around to be shuffled), but the bonus outweighs the miniscule negative. Players use 300 cards to make their sandwiches, so if you love the ham card you used last round, good luck ever drawing it again (unless you’re good at stacking the deck).

As You Wich – Gameplay

game set-up
4 player set-up

Like other games in this category the rules are easy for everyone to understand. To set up the game take a chunk of the deck (whole thing won’t be needed). Three stacks of three face-up cards go in the middle with the deck face down. The face-up piles are the shops. Each player uses 5 cards to make your sandwich. All five cards must be used in the final sandwich.

The turn plays simply. Draw a card. Discard a card. When you draw you draw from either one of the shops or the face-down pile if the shops do not appeal to you. Players then discard a card onto one of the shops. A face-up discard means that card may be drawn by subsequent players. A face-down card closes the shop(stack). When all three shops are closed, everyone but the person who closed the last shop draws a card from the deck and discards a card.

The cards left in your hand create your sandwich. Now pitch it to everyone else, and then players vote on which Wich is best. What sandwich will you create? A nice ham, turkey, swiss, tomato on a roll? Or how about a nice Falafel with sand, boogers, pig’s feet and pee-pee (yes you read that last one correctly). Oh and did I mention the effect cards? You may have the perfect sandwich, but if you do not watch your cards it may end up soaking wet, sat on, moldy or dropped in a toilet. There are also effect cards to alter store closings or hand sizes, etc.

Effect cards
change the rules!

With 300 cards the combinations are as endless as the imagination. Make the best or the wackiest, just know what kind of group you play with to get the votes! The best part? The wackier the group the more you can custom the cards in the deck for wackier combos.

As You Wich – Did I Mention the Price?

Kickstarter garners different emotions from different people. For many it means parting with hundreds of dollars for a game you might see in the next year to year and a half. Not with As You Wich! A single playable deck of 300 cards (ingredients) runs for $20. Naturally, it gets cheaper if you wish to buy more decks, but $20 is it for one deck.

Will you need to wait til your kids are in college to get it? Not unless they graduate mid term. The estimated delivery for this game reads as December 2020! You will have it soon. Know of a group or family who might love it? There’s your Christmas present, but you need to move kinda fast. This Kickstarter ends in 8 days! If you read this after the Kickstarter closes, sometimes projects will do additional sales later.

For groups and parties (and schools!) who love fun, easy, creative games, As You Wich is for you!