Joaquin Phoenix

The prospects of a sequel to Joker were looking slim. Especially after the film’s release, both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix were against the idea. Especially for someone like Phoenix, who is a consummate artist, and a firm believer in the process of filmmaking. The Mirror is reporting that Phoenix has been given an offer he might not be able to refuse from Warner.

That offer, to the tune of $50 million over two movies, would be the biggest of Phoenix’s career. In Hollywood, money talks and this could be a motivating factor to get another couple turns in the clown makeup. Joker was made on a $60 million budget and earned $1 billion. Whenever there’s a movie that does margins like that, you are inevitably going to get studio execs trying to go back to that well.

What this does mean, is that DC’s convoluted film universe is getting even deeper. There’s no reporting on what the next two films would be about. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel, but the first film was such a great standalone piece. It fit into it’s own section of the DC universe.

What We Thought Of Joker And The Team Moving Forward

You can check out both of THS’s Joker reviews here and here. The original film was a smash-hit with audiences and critics alike. In my opinion, it was a deeply dark, disturbing, and moving film. But, it’s not one that I would want to rewatch endlessly. It’s a single-ticket masterpiece by Todd Phillips, who has made some great comedic films before this. According to The Mirror, the team of Phoenix, Phillips, and Executive Producer Bradley Cooper is staying together for the sequels.

We’ll have to see what this story looks like as it develops. Any Joker sequels go as Joaquin Phoenix goes. So, what do you think of this? Would you want to see a Joker sequel or two?

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Source: The Mirror