Leia in chibi form is now manning an equally as chibi console as a Funko Pop figurine. This makes it the 5th in Funko’s Echo Base lineup.

Chibi Leia on the job!
“Seeing Leia diligently directing troops fills you with determination.”

As you can see, Chibi Operator Leia is pretty adorable. Either way, I can totally see her in a Star Wars Chibi spin-off series, where she’s the only sane woman amidst a horde of panicking rebels. She’d definitely look good placed next to the other Funko Pop figurines in the Echo Base line.

Chibi Operator Leia’s cost is one of the issues here. On Amazon, she costs $24.99, just like all the other Funko Pop Echo Base figurines, so she’s definitely on the pricey side for a little 6-inch tall vinyl figurine. Plus, Chibi Leia isn’t actually out yet. She will be on November 25, but that’s still well over a month away at the time of this writing, so you’re going to have to wait a while. Still, if you really want her, you can preorder her and wait for her to ship out.

Want the Rest of Funko Pop’s Echo Base Line?

Well, here’s the other 4 Funko Pop figurines released so far. This includes pricing and release date if it hasn’t already come out.

1. Funko Pop Chibi Wampa: $24.99 on Amazon

Chibi Wampa here to devour your soul.

2. Funko Pop Chibi Han Solo with Chibi Dead Tauntaun: $24.99 on Amazon

Leia's boyfriend and his weird hobby.
Just as morbid as the real thing!

3. Funko Pop Snow-Dusted Chibi Chewie: $24.99 on Amazon (available on September 20)

Leia's boyfriend's BFF playing in the snow.
Chewie the Snow Wookiee?

4. Funko Pop Chibi Viper Probe Droid: $24.99 on Amazon (available on October 24)

Random evil droid being adorably evil.
*Unintelligible droid babble*


Chibi Operator Leia is now available for preorder from Amazon for “only” $24.99. You’ll have to wait until November 25 for you to actually receive her, but if you’re willing to wait (and pay that hefty price), preorder away.

Source: ComicBook