James Bond’s latest film, No Time to Die, will apparently get an official trailer tomorrow on September 3. But for now, we have a 10 second teaser to drool over.

Real spies make all the explosions.

10 Seconds to *Boom*

Death would have something to say about this James Bond film title.

As you might expect from a James Bond film, there’s lots and lots of gunfire and explosions. Two things draw my eye in particular though. One is a modern warship firing salvo after salvo of missiles from her vertical launching system. It’s a bit hard to tell the ship class because the smoke from the launches are obscuring her profile. However, the distinct radome on top of the tall mast amidships combined with the shape of her superstructure suggests that she’s a Type 45 (also known as the Daring-class) guided missile destroyer of the Royal Navy. It’d make sense if she is, considering that James Bond is, well, British.

A Daring-class destroyer like the one that was in the teaser.
D is for Daring, who surely wins.

The other thing that caught my eye is the military cargo plane that briefly had a close encounter with some kind of small unidentified aircraft. The cargo plane in question is a C-17 Globemaster III: one of the most widely used military transport planes ever made. One of said users is the United Kingdom, so it makes sense there.

Wrong angle, but otherwise perfect comparison.

The unidentified aircraft though, refuses to be identified. No matter how I try to pause the video, I can only ever get an oddly-shaped blur. All I can make out is that it’s very small compared to the C-17. It could very well be that unknown two-seater ultralight aircraft we saw James Bond riding as a passenger in in the February Super Bowl trailer. If it is though, that pilot is flying dangerously close to the C-17. She really should back off a bit there.

James Bond’s one weakness: cannot fly a plane.


No Time to Die seems like it’ll be a great 25th film to add to the James Bond series, and it looks like it’ll be Daniel Craig’s crowning performance before his retirement from the 007 life. We’ll just have to wait for tomorrow to see if the actual trailer is even better.

Source: ComicBook