Attention X-Men fans! We’re only two weeks away from the New Mutants theatrical release. (Yes, really.)

New Mutants has had more of a rocky road to release than most films, even accounting for COVID-19 delays. It began filming back in 2017, with the theatrical release planned for 2018. Long story short: that didn’t happen.

Then, after over a year of rewrites, reshoots, and a studio tug-of-war (Disney bought out Fox), New Mutants rescheduled to 2020. Unfortunately, the studio opted for an April release. Of course, when COVID-19 hit that plan was scrapped, too.

Finally, New Mutants made plans for August. And it looks like the studio is sticking to them.

Today Twentieth Century released a new poster for the film ahead of its IMAX release. Check it out below:

New Mutants IMAX poster

The IMAX release will be digitally remastered to match the high image and sound quality made standard by the theater. IMAX strives to create a unique moviegoing experience that makes people feel like they’re right there in the film.

About New Mutants

New Mutants follows a group of young mutants trapped in an isolated hospital for psychiatric monitoring. When strange things start happening, both their powers and their friendships will be tested.

While technically part of the X-Men universe, New Mutants isn’t your typical superhero film. Rather than action/adventure, it’s a horror thriller.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

New Mutants hits IMAX August 28. Tickets go on sale next week.

If you can’t wait until the 28th, you can learn more about the film directly from the cast. Check out the movie’s recent Comic-Con panel here.

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Source: Twentieth Century