Coming out this week, DC Comics releases a trade paperback entitled Green Lantern – Earth One, Vol 2. For those of you who are Green Lantern fans, you should enjoy this book because, well, you’re fans, but what about those who do not know much about Green Lantern? For anyone who has any passing interest in Green Lantern, this book is a great read. The great thing about this book is even though it says Volume 2, it reads perfectly fine all on its own. Readers do not need past history or knowledge for it to make sense.

Green Lantern – Earth One: An Engaging Story

There have been many Green Lanterns from Earth over the years: everyone from Hal Jordan to Kyle Rayner to Jon Stewart. For those who are curious, this story centers on Harold Jordan. You assume it’s Hal, but that is not confirmed unil about half way through; However, Jon Stewart also plays a role in this title.

Earth is hosting a cultural exchange with the Llaran, an upright lizard-like people. The greeting starts off well enough, but an explosion rocks the station. An Earth ship was ordered to alter course and lock onto a Llaran ship, but the captain refuses the order to fire. So who fired and destroyed the station? This title follows Howard and a group of human prisoners as they attempt to piece together what happened and who these new Yellow Lantern people are.

Green Lantern – Earth One: Great For New and Old Readers

Llaran envoy
Meet the Llaran

This title serves as a great origin and jumping on point for anyone interested in Green Lantern. While we don’t see Harold get the ring, this title serves as a launch for the origins of the Yellow Lanterns and Sinestro switching sides and leaving the Green Lanterns.

For those that know more about the Green Lantern history, there are nuggets through out the book that hold meaning. Jonathan Stewart is simply a black engineer taken prisoner after the explosion, but to those that know the story will see the beginnings of how he later becomes green ring wielding Jon Stewart. We meet Killowog, and the last remaining guardian in a post Oa universe.

Green Lantern – Earth One: Quality Throughout

The artwork throughout this title is quite good. It conveys plenty of color and detail and gives some very nice panel work from beginning to end. They also do a nice job of not cluttering panels with details, yet when they need a panel with hundreds of Lanterns in it, they do it!

The story also carries nicely as it bounces around from inner story to inner story. Jordan, the hostages, and the extra tidbits balance nicely. One story does not over shadow the others and no story seems minor and unneeded.

This really is a good book for anyone wanting to start Green Lantern, or simply know more origin stories of Justice League members. Check out your local comic book shop this week!