Composer Alan Menken revealed the title of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel series will be Little Town.

Menken revealed the prequel title during an interview with Variety. The series will feature several new songs from the composer. Menken composed the film score for Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast, as well as new songs for the 2017 live action remake.

The title is a tribute to the lyrics of the film’s opening song “Belle.” In fact, the first words spoken (well, sung) in the film are “little town.”

Watch the live-action cast perform “Belle” below.

Everything we know about Little Town

Little Town serves as a prequel to Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. But this series won’t follow Belle (Emma Watson) or the Beast (Dan Stevens). Instead, it tells the story of the villain Gaston and his devoted sidekick LeFou.

The six-episode limited series serves as an origin story for Gaston and LeFou. The actors from the film, Luke Evans and Josh Gad, will reprise their roles in the Disney+ series.

Watson and Stevens are not currently attached to the project. However, there is a possibility one or both of their characters may appear in the series in a guest capacity.

Little Town comes from showrunners Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Kitsis and Horowitz previously dove into the fairy tale world with their show Once Upon A Time on ABC.

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Source: ComicBook