2020 has been a crazy year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small business have suffered. From stores having to be closed and local conventions being canceled, it has been too much for some stores. For those that have been lucky enough to keep their doors open, there is still a lot of uncertainty on what the future holds.

Small businesses owners of course were not the only people hit hard from this pandemic. Actors, artists, writers and more have all been affected. Many of them would be at or getting ready for the next convention that would of been in a city near you. Well thanks to actor Dominic Pace, who played The Bounty Hunter Gekko in STAR WARS: The Mandalorian, he is trying to help bring a little normalcy back to the pop culture scene by doing a nation wide Support Small Business Tour.

Dominic Pace Support Small Business Tour

Dominic Pace Support Small Business Tour 2020

What Dominic Pace has been doing on this tour has helped not only himself, but also many small businesses and charities around the county. Pace, who has been traveling this tour with his son started this tour in June and has not slowed down. This week he will be at Warpzone Comics & Collectibles in Riverview Michigan on July 21st & 22nd and in my home town, Mishawaka Indiana at BuyMeToys.com On July 24th & 25th. Also note that COVID-19 safety persecutions will be taken at these visits, so be ready to wear a mask.

Gekko Dominic Pace

What this tour means to him

I have talked to Dominic Pace many times during this tour and yes it is helping him and his family during these hard times. But that isn’t what it’s all been about to him. He wants to help those mom and pop stores that have been affected due to the pandemic. This is also way he can reach out and thank his fans.

I am grateful to all of my fans. Star Wars is one of the only places where you can get less then a minute of screen time and still have a fan following.”

On top of helping business Dominic has helped many charities along the way like Peter Mayhew – The Wookiee Roars Foundation and Make A Wish to name a few.

About Dominic Pace

For those that may not be familiar with Dominic Pace’s work, he played a Bounty Hunter named Gekko in the Disney Plus hit series “The Mandalorian”. Pace also appeared in such TV series as “Deputy,” “Superstore,” “Prison Break,” and Desperate House Wives”. You can learn more about Dominic buy checking out his website gekkothebountyhunter.com and his actor bio at IMDB. You can also check out my Interview with Dominic Pace at the link below.

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