With the addition of Solo: A Star Wars Story to Disney+, the streaming service now has caught them all.

Disney+ now has caught them all. Star Wars, that is.
Now it finally deserves that Star Wars category.

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” finally arrives on Disney+

Prior to the addition of Solo, Disney+ did not have all of the Star Wars movies on it. In fact, for a while, Solo was the only Star Wars movie Disney+ didn’t have. I mean, it’s not like you’ll miss much if you didn’t watch it, but it would’ve been nice to have on the streaming service that actually own the Star Wars franchise. Why is this, especially when Disney owns the Star Wars franchise now?

Solo back in action in an okay movie.
Admittedly not as bad as people made it out to be, even if it’s not great.

Disney had previously signed an exclusivity deal with Netflix to allow the latter to stream Solo: A Star Wars Story only on their service after its theatrical release. This not only applied to Solo, but to all Disney content as well. Meaning that’ for a while, Netflix had exclusive license to stream Disney content instead of Disney themselves. However, this deal ended back in the end of 2018. Apparently, Disney wasn’t happy with this arrangement, and decided to launch their own rival service: Disney+.

Darth Vader of "Star Wars" reporting to his new master.
Disney has got to do a spin-off like this, but they probably won’t.

Unfortunately for Disney, since that exclusivity deal lasts 18 months, it takes a while for that Disney content to filter back to Disney. So while Netflix doesn’t have Solo: A Star Wars Story anymore, they still have license to stream several Disney movies, including Incredibles 2, Christopher Robin, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. Well, sucks to be Disney+.

Who will win in the Disney-Netflix War?
The greatest war in media history.

Well, at least Disney+ has Star Wars, and by extension Solo: A Star Wars Story, to cry on until they get their movies back.


With the addition of Solo: A Star Wars Story from Netflix, Disney+ now streams all the Star Wars movies. The war isn’t over yet for Disney however, since not only does Netflix still own the rights to stream several Disney films, they’re also coming up with new content to fight the legions of Disney+. What will come next in this war of media titans? Tune in next time to find out.

Source: ComicBook