Nerdist and Shout! Factory are bringing you an exclusive digital event that is going to hit you harder than a Kamen Rider Kick!

Yep, Nerdist will partner with Shout! Factory TV and Team Kamen Rider! They’re teaming to bring fans an exclusive virtual panel and screening of Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER. It’ll be part of the Nerdist House 2020 programming slate. Devotees to the show should mark their calendars for a July 11 event, which has already been teased by TokuSHOUTsu, Shout! Factory TV’s new streaming channel dedicated to tokusatsu (Japanese live-action special effects/genre shows) such as Kamen RiderUltraman, and Super Sentai.

Feedback from Fans!

I reached out to Squall Charlson, who we interviewed recently, to get his thoughts on this momentous occasion!

Heisei Generations Forever is a huge movie for Kamen Rider. It perfectly encapsulates the last 20 years of the franchise, and even though we might not have many of those seasons available at the present, this is a perfect jump in and such a memorable moment for new fans to start their journey.

Squall Charlson
Promo Art for the movies initial Japanese Release

Jumping on board his sentiment. This is a perfect time for anyone stuck at home to find something new. Maybe a Power Ranger fan who wants to broaden their horizons. I for one am excited to see all my favorite Riders kick into gear on my screens in the comfort of my own home!

I personally have only been following Kamen Rider for the past 10 years. Luckily the older cross over movies and even the “meh” season of Kamen Rider Z-io have caught me up on the first half of the Heisei Generation. Don’t be looking for Aruto as Kamen Rider Zero One since this movie was done in 2018 so this will take place during Kamen Rider Zi-o’s run in 2018.

Are you as excited about this as we are? Who is your favorite rider? let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation of our Facebook page.