The lightsaber as seen in Star Wars is one of, if not the most, iconic weapons in all of science fiction. Fans were hooked from the first moment Luke Skywalker ignited his father’s blade in 1977. Through over forty years of storytelling, the Star Wars franchise has seen dozens of variants of the “elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” So too has the real world… from a certain point of view. There’s a toy or prop-quality replica of nearly every saber you can think of. But what if the lightsaber existed in real life? One inventor claims to have come close.

The STARGLOW Sabel. Image: Michael Paly

Using Indiegogo to fund his vision, creator Michael Paly has developed the STARGLOW Sabel. He describes it as “the most realistic example of a lightsaber that exists on this planet.” You can see it in action in the video above. In the immortal words of Darth Vader: “Impressive…. Most impressive.”

Inventor crowd-sources real world lightsaber

“Employing hi-tech achievements in air dynamics and forming the elegant shapes that metal can take nowadays, we have successfully constructed and can now offer you a truly impressive device from the cult movies universe.”

~Description of the STARGLOW real-life lightsaber
The STARGLOW Sabel comes in light or dark versions. Image: Michael Paly

That description of course refers to the lightsaber, and the “cult movie universe” of Star Wars. Made from aircraft aluminum, the hilt certainly has the look of its Star Wars universe counterpart. The blade, however, is very real. The lightsaber, er, STARGLOW, achieves the blade effect via a “directed current of flaming liquid. The fuel creates a trail of fire in the air as it comes out of the sword, burning out instantly.”

Despite consisting of a literal blade of flame, the makers are quick to point out that their real-world lightsaber is neither a weapon nor a toy, and designed for cosplay purposes only. It comes with both a battery and blade fuel.

The specs. Image: Michael Paly

Unfortunately, as of now, the real-world lightsaber only available in blue or green.  (No red – sorry, Sith.) With prices starting at under $200, owning your very own may very well be within your reach.

For more information, you can visit the Indiegogo product site HERE. If anyone has purchased one already, please let us know your thoughts when you receive it!