Deborah Chow and Ewan McGregor as Kenobi
Chow to bring back Kenobi

Over the course of the years, certain movies end up in permanent ruts. Studios swear up and down they are in the works, yet they keep getting delayed year after year with no promise of completion. Such movies as He-Man, Thundercats, Dark Crystal and more. A Kenobi movie/series fits this mold. The rumored creation of this movie wafts in and out of news cycles, but according to Director Deborah Chow, Kenobi trudges forward.

Kenobi Trudges Forward: Development Continues

Last fall Deborah Chow was announced as the director of the official Kenobi project to air on Disney+. In January of this year, everything came to a stop. Some of this was due to the virus, but many claimed creative differences scuttled the project. Then a month later Ewan Mcgregor hit the press circuit saying it was still green lit, but they were taking advantage of the down time to perfect the script.

Deborah Chow recently backed up McGregor’s claims while at the ATX Television Festival. Chow talked on a panel about the inaugural season of The Mandalorian. She directed episodes 3 and 7, which are considered two of the best of the season. She stated the following regarding the Kenobi show:

“We have little more to do than that, we’re in development.”

Deborah Chow

Kenobi Trudges Forward: Worth the Wait

Kenobi book cover
The eternal guardian

Back in 2013, John Jackson Miller released a wonderful book called simply enough – Kenobi. Fans loved it as it delivered on so many fronts. Sadly, even though it was a new book, it landed on the dark side of the Legends/Canon cut and fell into irrelescurity (a place as meaningful as that word).

It did manage to fan the flames to ignite the interest in a show about everyone’s favorite hermit. The fact the show slowed down after having so many people take a shot at it behind the scenes can only be a good thing. Deborah Chow proved herself with her episodes in The Mandalorian, so as long as she and Ewan are on board the new Disney+ show, the future is bright. Keep an eye and for more information as it releases.