As Disney and Marvel develop the MCU’s slate for the next few years. Peyton Reed has been locked in to direct Ant-Man 3, while newcomer Jeff Loveness has been brought on to write the script.

Not Sitting Idle

This period of national lockdown has delayed production and release schedules all across Hollywood. Many studios, however, are taking advantage of this downtime to do pre and post production work on numerous projects. Disney/Marvel has pushed Black Widow back to November and shifted everything else, but they have also taken this time to develop Marvel projects further down the road. Like finally locking down release dates for Captain Marvel 2 and Black Panther 2, and attaching directors and writers to projects.

A Familiar Face

After being in negotiations for several months Peyton Reed has finally locked in his contract to direct Ant-Man 3. Reed has been a passionate member of the MCU since he was first brought on. Replacing Edgar Wright as director of the first Ant-Man, and following it up later with Ant-Man & The Wasp. This gives Reed the chance to conclude the trilogy that he has come to claim as his own. Reed will be the first Marvel director to complete an entire trilogy. All of the other MCU trilogies so far have changed directors at some point.

A Fresh Face

In addition to Peyton Reed returning to direct, the principal cast are expected to return as well. Marvel has brought on Jeff Loveness to write the script. Loveness has never written for film before but he’s an experienced comic book writer, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel, and has penned an episode of Rick & Morty. Loveness is the second Rick & Morty alumni to be hired as an MCU writer. Michael Waldron was hired as writer and showrunner for the Loki series for Disney+. Waldron has also been hired to write Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

What It All Means

While Ant-Man is not one of the more beloved series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it does have its fans. Fans who appreciate the emphasis on humor and the more family drama focused plot lines. Reed is the secret to that charm and those fans will happy to have him back. Especially as this film has the chance to conclude Scott Lang’s story in a meaningful way. Setting the stage for other third installments in Phase 4 and 5 like Jon Watt’s Spider-Man 3 and James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. Bringing on Loveness shows that Marvel is dedicated to delivering a film that balances comedy with family drama that made the first two click with certain audiences.