Now that the OMG buzz is settling down let’s take a deep dive and consider why Hasbro has skipped several other seasons of Super Sentai to the last complete Power Ranger series.

Where is Hasbro going with Power Rangers ?

We already know that Hasbro (even Saban) has no problem cherry-picking what season to adapt. Since Power Rangers debuted on Nickelodeon the format went from a one-season Super Sentai series per year to two smaller seasons over two years, still using only one series of Super Sentai footage. Giving Japan time to create more content lets review and speculate why four seasons are staying across the Pacific.

The Train Season

Power Rangers

The obvious reason that Ressha Sentai ToQger didn’t make it over, America does not have a prominent train culture. Just compare the pictures below.

America’s train infrastructure did help BUILD our nation whereas trains in Japan keep it connected on a daily basis. Think about the little kid in the middle of South Dakota who probably wouldn’t have the chance to see a train unless at a museum. As opposed to the kid living in Shinjuku who has to take the train daily to school.

Most 80s born Americans should have childhood memories of Thomas the Tank Engine. But having that first glance at Voltron or Optimus Prime. Thomas was put in the back in the toy chest never to be looked on again.

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