Last week we began our exclusive Star Wars fan fiction feature here at That Hashtag Show with the prologue to I, Inquisitor. (To refresh your memory or continue I, Inquisitor, see the links below.)

This week, the story of the Fourth Brother of the Inquisitorious and his fall from Vader’s graces begins in earnest. Just what did Tavek Dinaar transmit before his death, and to whom? Begin to find out in I, Inquistor, Part 2, now.

I, Inquisitor: Part 2

Bail Organa paced in his office in Alderra, capital of Alderaan, awaiting word from Mon Mothma. Rumors of more Outer Rim worlds falling under Imperial control worried him, and the others. Sadly, and painfully to empathizers like Bail Organa, Alliance leaders had seemingly grown more concerned about the resources the Empire was harvesting from these worlds than the lives affected by Imperial occupation. The oppressed citizens of the galaxy were to be the lifeblood of the coming Rebellion. Organa feared that they were losing sight of that critical fact. Making matters worse, the Rebel spy network had thus far uncovered very little with regard to the Empire’s purposes, though rumors of a super weapon were beginning to spread. With such rumors also spread anxiety and fear.

Bail Organa; I Inquisitor
Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Thankfully, the Galactic Senator from Alderaan had learned from Mon Mothma that there was a lead. Bail Organa was desperate for something, anything positive. Such things, positive things, were a luxury with which the beleaguered Senator was no longer accustomed. He sat, and hoped. His secretary broke his worrisome train of thought.

“Senator, you have a Priority One transmission from Coruscant. Encoded.”

“Thank you, Winter, That’s all.” She left the room and Organa quickly made his way to his desk, brimming with excited anticipation. What hopeful exhilaration he felt waned quickly. Though the transmission originated from Coruscant, it was not from Mon Motha; it was Imperial. He suspected a call back to the Senate.

The message, however, was a recorded one. Bail Organa dimmed the lights of his modest office, sat in his worn, leather chair, and engaged the holo projector. The image of a sorrowful man leaped upward from the center of the Senator’s desk; a sorrowful man wearing an Imperial Inquisitor’s uniform. Organa, intrigued, raised an eyebrow and leaned forward as the recording began:

“Senator Organa, my name was once Tavek Dinaar.

You may remember me from my time as apprentice to Jedi Master Eeth Koth before he left the Jedi Order. The name Tavek Dinaar, however, had lost all meaning for me, a fact I now regret. He disappeared when I became an initiate of the Inquisitorius. I use it now for reference and familiarity only; by the time you view this message, I will already be dead at the hands of the Emperor’s enforcer, Darth Vader. I make this confession not to seek your forgiveness. I cannot be redeemed for the sins I’ve committed in the name of the Empire.

Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

“Notwithstanding, my purpose in sending this to you is twofold:

First, this message will serve as a diary of my crimes. Use it as you will in the Senate, or for whatever purposes you see fit. Second, though you may likely already be aware, I send this to remind you that Darth Vader continues to hunt down and destroy any remaining Jedi. I know this because I, as the Fourth Brother of the Inquisitorius, helped him do so. It was even at Lord Vader’s hand that my former master became one with the Force. Vader will not cease until his goal of eradicating the Light from the galaxy is realized. And that is why I send this message to you specifically.

I know that you were once close with General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Though I question his feelings, Lord Vader believes Kenobi is still alive. He is fanatical on the subject, unrelenting in his pursuit of any and all information, however insignificant, that could lead him to the Jedi Master. I do not know why Vader is particularly obsessed with Kenobi, only that he is with particular resolve. If Kenobi does indeed still draw breath, you must find him, and warn him. The Inquisitors are coming for him; it is only a matter of time. And when they find him, Master Kenobi will have his reckoning with Lord Vader.”

Dinaar paused, as if deep in thought. Senator Organa sighed deeply and contemplated the younger man’s words.

The Inquisitor began again.

“As I was once known as Tavek Dinaar, so too was I once known as a son of Alderaan. I hope that our mutual connection to our home world will help to impress upon you the veracity of my words; what I tell is true. My fate was cast when I took up the mantel of Inquisitor, but Master Kenobi’s, should he have truly survived the Jedi Purge, yet remains malleable in the Force. Take what you learn from me and perhaps the Force will see fit to spare him. I can offer no more hope than that.”

Bail Organa’s mind raced. This message had all the machinations of a trap, a means by which the good Senator would lead the Empire, and Vader, to his old friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Still, there was something about it that seemed… genuine. Dinaar’s voice was remorsefully empty, devoid of the deception often hinted at in inflection or tone. Organa’s mind warned him; his instinct spoke otherwise.

“Winter,” Organa said into his intercom. “I’m not to be disturbed until I tell you otherwise.”

“Of course, Senator.”

He rose and went to the dispenser set in the right wall of his office. Once seated again, a cup of hot caf in hand, Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan re-engaged the holo projector. When he did, Tavek Dinaar began the chronicle of his time as an Inquisitor.

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