Now this might not be from an official Sony source, but the Twitter user PSErebus has stated that Sony will be releasing the Playstation 5 a year from now on November 20th, 2020. Take this with one of the largest grains of salt. It’s from a Twitter user and not an official Sony rep. The only thing that separates this Twitter user from the rest of us, is that they do have a history of reporting on Sony’s dealings and releases.

In addition to the release date, they’re reporting that the Playstation 5 will sell for $499 at launch in the United States. This shouldn’t be massive news as Sony has already confirmed that the console exists and is slated for a Holiday 2020 release window.

Playstation 5 Devkit Leaks As Well

Let’s hope that this isn’t what the actual console looks like. I’d rather my $500 piece of tech not to look like a router from 2007. This image is a mockup of the leaked photo, but it includes a camera that could allow for 4K streaming. I’m going to guess that streaming is the next big thing for the major companies. Xbox has mixer, Sony doesn’t have anything like that. The system has a massive amount of ports as well. These aren’t likely to show up on the final console though. As much as I would love to have that many USB ports.

I bought a PS4 at launch in 2013 and was somewhat satisfied with my purchase. Sony has had a huge leg up on Xbox this generation with first-party exclusive games. I like Xbox consoles and their operating systems more than Sony. The lack of first-party games is what is killing the Xbox for me this generation. I can buy all the third-party games I want, but the AAA killer titles are on Playstation.

It remains to be seen whether these leaks have any veracity, but the Playstation 5 is going to be an interesting battle. Xbox Scarlett vs. Playstation 5 is going to heat up over the next year.

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