Colin Farrell; Tye Sheridan
Actor Colin Farrell. (Image: Victor Chaves/Getty Images)

Will Colin Farrell be the new Penguin? Perhaps so…. Warner Brothers Studios is currently negotiating with the actor to play the role in Matt Reeves The Batman. Robert Pattinson. of course, is set to star as the new caped crusader. Although the movie doesn’t start production until January of 2020, some of the cast and characters have been announced. Matt Reeves is believed to be introducing three villains in the film, including Catwoman, to be played by Zoe Kravitz. Also, Warner Brothers also announced the casting of Paul Dano as The Riddler.

Reeves has one more of these villains to cast, and he seems to be leaning towards Collin Farrell. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; Farrell is certainly no stranger to playing a bad guy. One of his more memorable roles of portraying an antagonist is from previously playing a super-villain himself. (Marvel’s Daredevil had him playing the terrifying Bullseye in 2003.)

Warner Brothers has recently used Farrell for another villainous role, as well. In Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them in 2016, he played Graves, showing us his chops as an evil mastermind to introduce the new evil lord of The Wizarding World. Colin Farrell might be the man Reeves needs to get a twisted serious take on the Penguin character.

Can Colin Farrell pull off the new Penguin?

Farrell has proven he can play an evil, intimidating businessman and a psychotic murderer before, so this character would be perfect for him. The last time the Penguin made an appearance on the big screen was Danny DeVito’d portrayal in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns back in 1992. Although DeVito’s performance was amazing, by the looks of it Reeves’ version of the Penguin seems to be taking the character in a different direction.

DeVito’s Penguin had an edge of having the physical appearance of a human penguin. Farrell, however, might bring a more real-world, businessman look to The Penguin. For now, all we can do is fantasize about the evil team of Catwoman, the Riddler and the Penguin taking down the Batman. We won’t see it until it hits the theatres in 2021.