For ten years now the Queen Mary in the Long Beach Harbor has been the host for ghouls, ghosts, specters, spirits, and of course frightened visitors to the legendary ship. For 23 nights of true terror starting September 26th and ending on November 2nd, the Queen Mary will turn into Dark Harbor. During it’s tenth season, they’ll be busting out more mazes, attractions, and events. If scares aren’t your thing, in addition to the six mazes on the ship, there’s 13 different bars you can visit. It’s sure to be a frightening time for you and your friends.

The Mazes

The complete list of mazes on Dark Harbor is: Rogue, Door 13, Feast, Intrepid, Circus, B-340, and Lullaby. Rogue and Door 13 are brand new for this year. The others are old mazes that return with new upgrades. Rogue is about a wave that inspired the Poseidon Adventure. A 95 foot wall of black ocean that terrified passengers. Door 13 is about what some consider to be the most haunted part of the ship. In 1967, Door 13 crushed an 18 year old crew member. The haunted doorway and corridor is an attraction all on it’s own.

Feast is a walk-through with the terrifying Chef and his crew. Visitors are joined by his crew and the poisoned passengers of voyages past. Intrepid is the story of a seaman and a wicked Witch that cursed him. He wanted to spend his life at sea with a ship, so she gave him an eternal metal life. You’ll follow along his terrifying journey into an iron hell. Circus is a look into classic circus Big-Top frights. The Ringmaster chases the visitors and they have to escape the horrors lurking behind every corner.

B-340 allows people to follow in the footsteps of a detective and his investigation of murders on board the Queen Mary. Find out what drove someone to murder and discover the carnage in the ballroom. Finally, the most terrifying, Lullaby. This maze follows spiritual and paranormal investigators into the secrets behind Mary’s demise and her childhood.

One Frightening Night on the Queen Mary

Whether you like mazes, attractions, bars, events, dancing, or anything else, the Dark Harbor has something for you. They’re busting out all the stops for the tenth season. For fans of horror or the old time styling of the Queen Mary, you won’t want to miss this year.

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