While most know her from her acting career (notably the The Help and the Jurassic World series), Bryce Dallas Howard is quickly following in her father’s directorial footsteps. As we’ve previously told you, she is among the “who’s who” list of directors for the new, live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Anticipation is certainly building as we move closer to the November 12th debut of the show on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. So how does a still-relatively-new director handle the pressure of directing Star Wars?

Well, having a heart-to-heart with the man that created the entire franchise certainly doesn’t hurt. Bryce Dallas Howard recently talked about her conversations with George Lucas, and the advice he imparted:

What he just kept saying again and again and again…this is just the most incredible sandbox that you will ever get the opportunity to play in.”

Bryce Dallas Howard gets advice from her father… and the father of Star Wars

Bryce Dallas Howard
Director Bryce Dallas Howard appears at the Toronto International Film Festival with her father, Ron Howard. (Image: TIFF)

What’s more important, according to Howard, is the collaborative nature of the project. According to superherohype.com, the lessons her father, and she, learned from Lucas go all the way back to Willow. Even then George encouraged Ron Howard to let his story board artist participate in crafting the film’s narrative. Consequently, that lesson of collaboration is something Bryce Dallas Howard, and everyone working on The Mandalorian, took seriously.

The people are just all in, give everything, own it, own the process themselves, and then are like, ‘Your turn.’ It is so exhilarating and grounding and it doesn’t ever get about the ego, because it’s all about Star Wars, which it needs to be.”

Ron Howard, as we know, developed into an award-winning Hollywood director. Like Bryce Dallas Howard, he’s also gotten a chance to direct Star Wars with Solo: A Star Wars Story. If the daughter inherited even a fraction of her father’s talent, we’ll be in for a treat with her episode of The Mandalorian.

Source: superherohype.com