“Woman in Black”: Take 421

Darth Rey with double bladed lightsaber
The Clone stands ready

The third possibility, and this one I favor more than any other, Rey is actually Reey. For those not understanding this, go read Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire trilogy. Clone Luke carried the name Luuke for some reason. Rey being a clone leads all fan theories right now, and for good reason. Twice I referenced cloning in previous articles, one suggesting what Legends materials to brush up on for this final film and the other suggesting that Sidious, cloned Rey.

The cave on Ach-Too all but spelled out she is one of many, and with Sidious return how does cloning NOT dominate the story of Episode IX? The greatest likelihood looks to be the fact the “woman in black” is NOT our Rey, but is a clone “Reey”. If cloned from Luke, this also ties into the title Rise of Skywalker because although Rey may not be the daughter of Skywalker, her cloning material could emanate from Luke’s long lost hand. How did the saber surface, but not the hand? Our epic concluding saber fight may well end up Rey V. Reey.

Rey IS the “Woman in Black”!…?

However, what if Rey truly is our new Sith apprentice? I bet many of you are wondering how this could be when I said in the first section, Rey falling to the dark side does not fit her character journey. Using the last section…there is a way the Sith could indeed be our beloved Rey.

Use the third option as a starting point. Rey comes from cloned material, whose doesn’t really matter. A thought earlier today got me thinking. The major advantage to cloning over force conception is control. In cloning, the cloner controls the genetics of the subject and what oddities the clone will possess. A force child becomes a child, a sentient being in every sense. Now think….What’s the one thing you can do to a clone that you can’t do to a real child? Give up? How does Execute Order 69 sound?

Point made though. A single option sits there that makes our beloved Rey the new Darth Disciple. As a clone, Sidious implants Order 66-B or some such. Rey turns to the dark side not because of free will but programming. Now think how badly this would mess with Kylo’s mind. Can any one overcome this Order to turn Rey back to the good side?

The “woman in black” being Reey remains my #1 theory right now, but this last one holds lots of merit as well. What do you guys think?

PS-anyone catch the hidden reference in the titles? 😉