Some people have mocked “Star Wars” fan Eric Butts joining the crowd and crying over Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Others have appreciated his fandom. They’re both wrong. Butts had been drinking alcohol. Also, Butts is an entertainer.

The Rise of Skywalker; Rise of Skywalker Trailer
Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX.

“My brain is rocked. I have had a mimosa and a little bit of a daiquiri,” Butts says on the video. “I’m eight years old again. A little bit drunk eight-year-old, which is weird.”

Butts was getting tipsy as he was headed on vacation, as he says. And consider the fact that Butts has a YouTube video trying to garner views.

Eric Butts Explains his Video Reaction

Plus, Eric Butts gave a warning having to do with the main issue that splits the difference between his detractors and supporters.

“I’m sure I’m gonna cry,” he asserts. With a reason.

“Because it’s the end of the trilogy,” Butts says. Butts then gives another warning.

“I’ve got tissues on standby,” he declares.

Rey's Father
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Detractors of Butts benefit in their argument from him looking, with all due respect, rather like a typical “Star Wars” fanboy – white, male, overweight, a t-shirt, a plum line. However…. This guy isn’t a typical fanboy in being lazy. For starters, he enjoys 32K YouTube followers! That’s hard to achieve! Further, he got married! And don’t forget that we’re talking about him right now to begin with because he broke the Internet! So, from the YouTuber’s perspective, mission accomplished, right?

It’s rather amazing that this video got so much attention since many folks make fan-reaction videos to film trailers – and others have shed a tear or two. Without alcohol. So we must ask why else Butts’ video got so much attention.

Perhaps Eric Butts looking like a typical fanboy is a reason. Perhaps it’s also because Butts cries more than other criers on reaction videos. What we do know is that Eric Butts did attract a lack of attention for his video, acquiring both detractors and supporters. So, from the YouTuber’s perspective, mission accomplished, right?

Check out Butts’ video below.

Eric Butts reacts to the “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” trailer.

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