We watched a clip from the smash success It a few months back. Now in the heat of San Diego Comicon, we finally get the It2 trailer, and here it is:

IT… Back With a Vengeance

Pennywise did not take too well to being beaten by our favorite group of kids, The Losers Club in the last movie. Now after 27 years, Pennywise will again go after the kids, but this time the kids are adults. The posse split to the four corners of the Earth, all save Mike Hanlon. He alone stayed in the town and he alone never forgot what happened 27 years ago.

The Losers are back now, in the It2 trailer, as is Pennywise and somethings gonna have to give. With the kids being adults, you would think they would have an easier time beating Pennywise, but as Beverly says – He eats away at you from within until you have nothing left. The whole crew made it through the first movie, but will the whole cast, brilliant as it is, make it through this one?

It 2 Trailer: A Whole New Ballgame

This trailer leaves a whole new feeling in one’s mouth after watching it. As great as the first It was, I really thought it fell short as a horror movie. I didn’t flinch so much as once. There simply was no fear factor. The strength in the first movie was the bonding of the kids as they came together to form the losers club and have each others back. It Ch1 was very much a Stand By Me movie. What I loved was the interaction with the kids.

This trailer leaves a whole different vibe. This trailer looks to be straight up horror. The scene we received a few months ago was creepy enough, but the fun house scene along with everything else looks to put a real terror aspect to this movie. With the kids being adults now, the stakes have to be raised.

Cast From Kids To Adults

Adult cast of It Chapter 2
Bring the Rain, Pennywise

The greatest thing about the first It had to be the kids. The chemistry and composition they brought was incredible. We cared about each and every one of them as they faced their terrors, only to come together and win in the end as a group.

From the scenes in the It2 trailer suggest this new adult cast will be no less. James McAvoy shines in every role, especially when pushed emotionally. Jessica Chastain looks to embody everything Beverly was made to be by young Sophia Lillis, and the rest of the crew brings the chops as well.

Only 7 weeks to go as It: Chapter 2 opens Sept 6.