Razer Stormtrooper keyboard mouse and pad.
You want this. Don’t you…

Razer has been one of the premier computer hardware companies for quite a while. When one buys their equipment and tech, one buys into the elite side of computer gaming and function. For their price point, one needs to be a serious gamer, but their tech has always been worth it. Now Razer brings you their best gear coupled with – STORMTROOPERS! Take a look at their licensed Razer Stormtrooper Edition products.

Razer has gained the license to create a stormtrooper themed set of equipment that will sharpen up anyone’s desk top. While great for gamers, even the non-gamers will want this to add to their star wars themes. The keyboard, mouse and gaming mouse pad all show off the black and white styling of the stormtroopers as well as the Stormtroopers themselves.

The Razer Stormtrooper Gear Itself

The Keyboard

Stormtrooper Keyboard
Stormtrooper Keyboard

Yes. Yes. The keyboard contains all the bells and whistles of the Razer keyboards such as silent and tactile switches, back lit with true white light,and the ability to customize all this according to the user’s desires. The keyboard itself has a white with black stripes theme as well as a classic stormtrooper on the lower right getting ready to fire his rifle. The cord is black and white banded, and even the escape key shows off the Imperial symbol. This keyboard runs $100.

The Mouse

Razer Mouse
Razer Mouse

This pocket sized little rodent uses a 2.4 GHz wireless or bluetooth for connections. Its battery life is designed for 300 hours of play depending on your connection, and the body feels like the Atheris style body design. Along with all those perks, it has the calssic Stormtrooper helmet designed into the curves of the mouse from the top. The minimalist design does a great job suggesting the full design of the helmet rather than tracing out every line and feature. This Stormtrooper mouse runs $60.

Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Stormtrooper Gaming Pad
Razer Stormtrooper Gaming Pad

Of course the least functional piece of the Razer Stormtrooper set is the most brilliant. The Goliathus gaming mat not only provides great texture and maximum sensitivity for all gaming mice, the picture on it is incredible! The background has the same white with black striping as the keyboard. It has the Imperial crest in the background, but front and center are five trooper, again classic design, standing ready to carry out their mission with blasters drawn.

Another feature of the Goliathus style mat is the bound edging. The stitching keeps the mat from fraying and cuts down on warping over time. For the few card gaming play mats I have owned, the stitching on the outside greatly increases the life and condition of the mat. The Razer Stormtrooper mat runs $35.

Check Back Soon!

Now all these things LOOK great in pictures. What doesn’t these days. How often have you ordered based on a picture, whether it be food or products, and had something delivered that was utter crap. Well, we here at Thathashtagshow.com were given the opportunity to test these new products. Check back in a couple weeks and we will give you our feedback on how well these awesome ‘looking’ products perform.

You can see all of the Razer Storm Trooper Edition products unboxed, right here.