E3 2019: It’s the most wonderful time of the year for the gaming community and Nintendo really stole the show! (Aside from Keanu Reeves, of course). Nintendo is showing off their newest upcoming Amiibo lets check out who we can add to our shelves in the coming months.

Link – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

E3: 2019; Amiibo

Since the announcement of this complete from the ground up remake of the beloved GameBoy classic, we weren’t sure if there would be Amiibo support. There is at least one Amiibo that will tie in with the game and that is the adorable new Link Amiibo. However, having said that, do you think that other Legend of Zelda Amiibo will work in the game? We can only hope so!

Time to Smash!!

Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo has chosen to not develop any new Amiibo features in their other games so it’s all getting “SmAsHed” in SSBU.

Releasing Sept 20th

This will be the first time that we are getting an original starter Pokemon in Amiibo form plus a second evolution Pokemon! Do you think Solid Snake should have come with “BOX” accessory?

Coming in November

The classic NES hero Simon Belmont in his freshman appearance in SSBU is already getting an Amiibo. Chrom is the third Echo Fighter from Smash Ultimate to get his own Amiibo. Followed up with the “Firey Fighter” Pokemon Incineroar!

Coming in 2020

I’m going to call this the “Echo Line-up.” Starring Richter Belmont and Dark Samus. We don’t know when in 2020 they will be released as soon as we know, so will you!

There are more Amiibo already announced on the way like the Shovel Knight 3-pack, Pichu and Pokemon Trainer. Who are you looking forward to adding to your collection make sure you let us know in the comments or follow us on THS HASHTAGGERS and show us your collection.

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