Hasbro was kind enough to send us a promo package containing several of their new Transformers toys for their 35th anniversary. Check out the video below where Daniella takes you through the contents of the box and tries to make Optimus transform.

What’s the secret message Daniella found inside the box? The instructions took us to a “secret” page on Hasbro’s site to decode the message. Decoding the message gave us access to the first issue of The World In Your Eyes Part 1.

Each Transformers Siege “War For Cybertron” product contains a hidden message (which you can find by using a black light) which will grant you additional pieces of content as you decode them. Some are available now and others won’t unlock until later in the year.

You can find these products anywhere Transformers toys are sold. Let us know which Transformer is your favorite! Is it Bumblebee? Soundwave maybe? What about the movies? Are you a stan for the ’86 animated film or do you like the live-action movies better?