Established in 2015, Rocket League is one of the more quirky games on the pro-gaming circuit. The game features a team of cars, similar in design to old hot-wheels. Their main objective is to push a giant ball across the field and into the other teams net.  The physics engine only adds to the odd feel of the game as your car goes full rag doll across the screen.  Similarly the giant ball acts more like a beach ball, floating in a lagged arks only before seen at giant concerts and music festivals. 

While the largest prize pools still only raise about $150k, Rocket League and its developers Psyonix built in the user agreement to allow 3rd party, crowdfunded tournaments. This unique agreement allows for ticket sales but requires a no entry fee tournament.  So far results have been mixed at best. The current World Champion Series for the game set in June has barely made any noise amongst the pro-gaming communities.  It may also be because they are hosting the tournament in Newark, NJ in June…just saying. 

Rocket League

Welcome to Rocket League

However, what this red headed, step child of the pro-gaming circuit lacks in detail and gameplay; it more than makes up for in its dedication to Esports.  A title earned through being among the first games to hold tournaments with scholarships for Esport collegiate play.  Meaning the awesome people over at Psyonix want to help you prove that all that time spent on the couch isn’t a waste after all… told you mom.