The Far From Home’s Multiverse?

Spider-fans across the web (eh!) seem to be imploding over the new clip Jake Gyllenhaal dropped on Ellen this week because it seemingly introduces the multiverse into the MCU.  This news has almost every fan-site shooting web-fluid all over place over the implications of an MCU that ties into other movies and mediain the Marvel Multiverse….

In the clip, Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, claims that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is “Earth-616” and he is from “Earth-833,” implying there are an infinite number of other (Marvel) universes out there- including the comics, TV shows, other movies, hell, even fan films, can all co-exist as parallel dimensions in the (all new) Marvel MCU and Marvel multiverse.

Possible Multiverse Spider-Spoiler…

But, people hold your Spider-Horse (Earth-31913).  This is a KNOWN VILLAIN spouting’ lies in order to get in good with Nick Fury and Peter Parker!!!!  We can’t believe anything he’s saying!

Let’s check out the clip and break this down!

First, let’s look at what we know.  Gyllenhaal is playing Mysterio, a villain who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 (June 1964). Mysterio’s entire character is based on deceit and trickery, having no real powers of his own and relying on holograms, special effects, and technology to complete his evil deeds. In fact, he’s pretended to be a hero on numerous occasions in the comics, only to eventually reveal his true bad-guy intentions. 

Spider-Man multiverse

Knowing all this when his character appears in the clip and says, “There are multiple realities, Peter…This is Earth-616. I’m from Earth-833. We share identical physical constants.” Why in Web-heads name should we believe him?!!  It’s more likely he’s lying his fish-bowls off to deceive Nick Fury and Peter. 

Let’s take this a step further. He claims that the Marvel Cinematic Universe occupied by Tom Holland’s Spider-man (and all the other Marvel films) is “Earth 616”.  Here’s the problem with that- since XXXX the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been designated as Earth-199999, as established in 2008’s hardcover of the “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #5”. 

Spider-Man Multiverse


Earth-616, or “The 616” to fans, has always been established as the main comic book universe since Alan Moore coined the term in 1983.  Would Disney and the Lords of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just toss aside 36years of cannon for a single movie line?  Well, yeah, they probably would… but I don’t think they did in this case.  Again… HE’S A VILLAIN!!!!

Also, “Into The Spider-verse” did an amazing job of introducing all the different Spider-verse realities… Does “Far From Home” have the hubris to think it can do it better?! As well, if you have an eagle eye- Into the Spider-verse claims that sweat-pants Peter Parker is from Earth-616, this would contradict Far From Home as well and muddy the cross-connections even further.


However, there is one sly piece of information that MIGHT give weight and credence to Mysterio’s mysterious line. He claims he’s from Earth-833, which in established continuity is the home of “Spider-UK”, the British Spider-man. Now, in the movie,

  1. Spider-man: Far From Home, Peter and his class are visiting the UK, which might connect the location to Mysterio’s 833.
  2. The Earth-833 in the comics has yet to establish the Mysterio of that dimension, so it IS possible he’s a good guy there.
  3. These two toys form the “Far From Home” Target line.
Spider-man multiverse

Now, these figures looks awfully similar to the Spider-UK of the comics(the figure standing to the right of the toys), which again, grain of salt and from the mouths of villains might make this whose Earth 833-616-199999 a reality.

We won’t know till Spider-man: Far From home comes out on July 2.

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