Before we possibly see the end of Finn’s story in STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker we are going to get to learn more about him. A new comic announced by Marvel will take us into the secrets and time Finn spent on Starkiller Base.

In the newly announced comic Star Wars: Age of Resistance Finn #1 we will be getting more of the back story of FN-2187 (Finn). Marvel has been doing a great job of given us these one-shot stories of characters throughout the Star Wars Saga. Finn #1 will show us FN-2187 back in his janitorial days on Starkiller Base.


Finn’s Background

We first learned of Finn and his background with Starkiller Base in STAR WARS: The Force Awakens. Finn used this to help the Resistance plan an attack on the base and for him to look for Rey. So, what will this new comic tell us? If it is like any of the others, we will get to see the turning point in FN-2187’s life that will help lead him to his path with the Resistance.

Finn to be remembered as an hero?

Finn has turned out to be an interesting character in the Star Wars story-line. It will be interesting seeing how Finn’s path ends in STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker. I know I’m excited to see where his story goes. With John Boyega teasing that he will be using a lightsaber again and that Captain Phasma is dead could we see him become one of the greatest heroes in the Resistance? Is possible we will see the relationship of Rose and him grow? Also, with this possibly being the end of the story-line for Finn the other question is will he survive?

Finn with Lightsaber

Where will Finn’s story lead?

Well wherever his path leads we will have to wait until December. But at least we will get the back story of FN-2187 when the Star Wars: Age of Resistance releases in July. This story will be told by Tom Taylor and artist Ramon Rosanas and the cover art from Phil Noto. Finn fans get ready maybe we will see what was truly his breaking point from wanting to leave the First Order and becoming one of the heroes that helped destroy the base that he used to have to clean.

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