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Straight from the garbage Enzo makes racist and curse filled video calling out Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and the Briscoes Brothers.

The turd formally known as Enzo Amore has made a video calling people out while not so subtly asking promoters to hire him.  However, what he also said was “F you” to the promoters. Yeah I’m confused too.

Some Background On Enzo And Cass

I’ll give a little recap as to what Enzo and Cass have been doing since they left WWE.  They don’t go by those names anymore, but that is what everyone knows them by so I will keep calling them that.  Enzo tried to invade a WWE PPV but was tackled by a female security guard, Cass had a seizure while wrestling an indy show and finally Enzo and Cass did a work shoot invasion at the NJPW G1 event at Madison Square Garden.

This video is just the best example of why Enzo is so bad on the mic.  However, I’ll describe the video so no one has to experience what I just had to experience.

I Watched The Video So You Don’t Have To

Enzo is at his store apparently.  UFC fighter Mickey Gall is there and Enzo mentions Gall beat CM Punk.  I couldn’t tell if Enzo is drunk, high, both or maybe he still hasn’t recovered from giving himself that concussion a few years back.

He first calls out anyone who works for Ring Of Honor or New Japan or as he calls them Ring Of Onnnnnnn and New Japaaaaain.  Then he mentions Cass aka CassXL or as Enzo calls him Cali big gahhhh XL. Just so everyone knows the type of person he is he makes a racist slur about asian people.  He says if you didn’t understand his racist comment or didn’t like it then and I quote.

“Go f*** your beans, bunch of f***ing p***ies.”

Enzo Is Awful On The Mic

In what can only described as a masterful diss on the Briscoe Brothers tag team Enzo says they have sex with chickens, but then says he is the KFC colonel at having sex with chickens.  You heard it here first. Enzo is an expert at making love with chickens.

Enzo goes on to say he is executing the greatest plan in the history of the business just to show how little he knows about the business.  The next statement Enzo makes I completely agree with because he keeps saying he is a G and I agree. However, I think the G stands for garbage and not whatever he thinks it stands for.

Apparently Enzo thinks Fig Newton said “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Our loveable “realest guy in the room” then explains how his every action has made the desired reaction, but he forgets the opposite part of the equation.  This is funny because he is actually correct because he is struggling for bookings and relevance because of his actions.

Enzo ends his “shoot” promo asking people to contact his agent while making obscene gestures into the camera.

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Why We Should Forget About Enzo And Big Cass

My hot take of Enzo and Cass are they are both garbage.  Enzo is a charismatic character whose charisma quickly fades.  He can speak on the mic and is very comfortable on the mic, but can’t wrestle at a very high level or even at a low level.  Big Cass is a decent wrestler who can’t speak on the mic. Together they are a barely adequate tag team and apart they are nothing.

They each were given a huge chance to do something great in the WWE and both squandered it because of ego.

If for some reason you want to watch the video is here below.