The Essence of Sidious… Transferred

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We have known since 1977 that Jedi have life after death. We watched in horror as he lets himself be cut down by Lord Vader, yet mere moments later we hear Obi-Wan saying “Run, Luke, Run.” Three years later we would see Obi-Wan take spirit form for the first time. Ever since the Jedi in Legends and canon were able to learn how to maintain uniqueness while merged with the force. In Legends Jedi could always do this. In canon, Qui-Gonn Jinn was the first.

What about dark siders? In the Legend world Sith could become force ghosts as well, but in Canon the Sith have just been screwed. Darth Plagueis could keep others from dying, but that was all. Dead was dead.


Then along comes Vader #22. This is the first issue where we are shown a previous Sith Lord who was able to attach his spirit to a helmet. For the first time we have a way for Sith to cheat death. When Kylo found Vader’s helmet, could he also have wandered to the chunk of Death Star on Endor and found Sidious’ spirit attached to it or something inside?