Actor Sam Rockwell was recently asked during an Reddit AMA whether or not he would like to reprise his role of Justin Hammer in any future MCU projects and his response is exciting for fans.

Sam Rockwell made his MCU debut in the third movie in the franchise; Iron Man 2. In the film he played one of the major antagonists of the movie and was essentially a darker representation of Tony Stark.

During the MCU’s life, we have seen many characters come and go but many have wanted to see Justin Hammer return to our screens and it seems like Sam Rockwell is eager to come back too.

A Reddit user asked Rockwell: “Do you ever have plans to play the role of Justin Hammer again?”

Rockwell simply replied: “Yeah I would be happy to do it! I’m just waiting on the avengers have to give me a call”.

While it is unconfirmed whether or not we will see Justin Hammer return in the MCU but it’s nice to know that both fans and Rockwell himself are on the edge of their seats, anticipating the return of the anti-Tony Stark.