4.  Lando Piloting the Falcon

The Rise of Skywalker; Rise of Skywalker Trailer
Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX.

The suave smuggler finally returns to the helm of his beloved ship, the Millennium Falcon, in Episode IX . An ill-fated game of Sabacc stole her from him, but they reunited briefly in Return of The Jedi. Where Lando has been, and what he’s been doing since then remains unknown. Seeing him in the Falcon’s pilot’s chair, however, is a fine bit of feel-good nostalgia.  A nice touch to include Billy Dee in the Rise of Skywalker trailer.

3. Rey and Leia Together in the Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Rise of Skywalker Trailer
General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) in STAR WARS: EPISDOE IX

If you weren’t affected by this moment, do you even Star Wars? It will be hard enough watching Carrie Fisher on screen in previously unused footage. Knowing that this is Leia’s swan song, and that the character will likely perish in the film, is a tough pill to swallow. Rey and Leia forged an immediate bond. The tear streaming down Rey’s cheek sums up the emotion of this scene for all of us.

2. Leia with (likely) Han’s A New Hope Medal

Memory of Victories Past in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX.

For a brief moment we see Leia holding one of the medals she bestowed upon Han and Luke at the end of the original Star Wars. It’s certainly possible that the medal could have belonged to her brother. Notwithstanding, my money is this belonging to her late husband. Remember, the events of The Last Jedi take place immediately following the conclusion of The Force Awakens. Leia never had time to mourn. Of course, she needs to mourn Luke, too… Again, this one? Right in the feels.

And the #1 moment from the Rise of Skywalker trailer is….